Here are the QNET Top Models Contest Winners!

The wait is finally over! Here they are…the QNET Top Models Contest Winners!

Posing in their QNET best and sharing their pride with the whole world, these fantastic fashionable contestants gained the highest number of “Likes” on Facebook to become the ULTIMATE WINNERS!

Join us in applauding and congratulating our QNET TOP MODELS:

From the dashing men…YAMEN TAHA HAGRS from Egypt with 10,468 “Likes”
and from the dazzling ladies…SARAH SAMIEY from Bahrain with 2,275 “Likes”

Our QNET TOP MODELS will receive the full celebrity treatment with an exclusive trip to Bangkok for a professional photo-shoot! Be sure to look out for them on the cover of the upcoming issue of aspIRe magazine!

You can read the full article over here.

It’s never been this easy: Silver Rush 2012!

Announcement from QNET!

Follow your dreams, reach your goals and make it happen with QNET’s SILVER RUSH Incentive.


From Saturday, 27 October 2012, 00:01HKST, until Friday 23 November 23:59 HKST, become a QNET Silver Star by simply selling or purchasing a product at 1000 BV value!

And you know what reaching Silver Star Rank means: all future Commissions you achieve will increase to 225 USD per Step!

What are you waiting for? Rush to your eStore and reach for Silver, now!

How does it work?

Visit your eStore, buy or sell a product that is of 1000 BV value. And enjoy all the perks of being a new QNET Silver Star!

It’s never been easier.


Terms and Conditions

  1. The Silver Rush Incentive is effective from Saturday, 27 October 2012, 00:01 HKST until Friday, 23 November 2012, 23.59 HKST.
  2. IRs who met the qualifying requirements will be placed under the Silver Star rank and this will be the permanent rank of the IR unless he/she is upgraded to a higher rank.
  3. Participating IRs must meet the qualifying requirements within the specified promo period.
  4. The Incentive Programme is open to IRs who are registered under Qinifinite Compensation Plan, and residents of the countries covered by the promo.
  5. IRs who have not renewed their IRship or have not migrated to the QInfinite Compensation Plan are not allowed to participate in the Incentive Programme.
  6. New IRs must be enrolled and achieve 1000  BVs within the promo period
  7. Existing Bronze Star IRs who have already achieved certain BVs before the promo, must still achieve 1000 BVs of the Incentive Programme within the promo period.
  8. The required 1000 BVs can be achieved and accumulated from either IR’s personal purchase, retail sales, or the combination of both, under one or different order transactions from the Qualify eStore within the promo period.
  9. IRs who met the qualifying requirements will be immediately upgraded to Silver Star rank on the same commission week of the qualification and the corresponding pay-out level of USD225 will take effect on the following commission week.
  10. Qualifying IRs who violate the Policies and Procedures on Duplicate IRship will be disqualified from the promo.
  11. BV achieved from BV transfer from another IR and/or from rectification of retail purchase BV will not be considered/counted in the Incentive Programme.
  12. QNet Ltd reserves the right to the final interpretation of the Incentive criteria, and Terms and Conditions.
  13. QNet Ltd reserves the right to change the Incentive Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

Exhilirating end for Tour Du Faso Day 6 (With Photos)

The Day 6 Tour Du Faso came to an exhilarating end when De Groot Wouter from Team Netherlands staged a strong come back to finish to win the race.

Onlookers lined up the finish line 1 hour before the end to get a glimpse of the riders. Despite the weather Wouter held on to the lead.

Sangare Oumar from Team Mali won the QNET cyclist with the best fighting spirit award as he fought his way during the race. This award is given to the cyclist who shows great fighting spirit throughout the race and not necessarily is the winner.

QNET IRs had set up a booth at the finishing point and received tremendous response from people who wanted to know what QNET is all about.

It was a proud day for Burkina Faso fans when local boy Ouedraogo Rasmane from Team Burkina held on to the yellow jersey and won many other awards.

Here are other pictures from the week-long event:

Dato’ Seri Vijay Eswaran, QNET featured on Forbes Asia’s next issue

Credit: David Yellen For Forbes

Dato’ Seri Vijay Eswaran is on a roll this week! Forbes will be featuring our dear leader and grand mentor on their next issue of their Forbes Asia magazine! But you’re in luck–even if you can’t get a copy of the magazine, the article is already online at their site. It features Dato Seri Vijay Eswaran’s journey from way back before he started the business, through trials and tribulations, and then to his current success. Here’s an excerpt of that article:

Thousands have come to Jakarta from all over Asia, waiting with patience and anxiety for this moment. At last the music swells. An excited murmur arises; he enters behind a phalanx of bodyguards, and the crowd parts. People strain to touch him or at least his high-collared tunic. Spotlights cast him in a golden glow. He raises a hand in benediction, utters a few unheard words and lets the rush carry him on. Vijay Eswaran has arrived.

It’s a triumphant return to Indonesia for the Malaysian founder and chairman of the Qi Group, a young giant of multilevel marketing with sales that could approach $1 billion in the next couple of years. His annual three-day convention, training session, pep rally and lovefest, the VCon, has attracted more than 8,000 of his company’s so-called IRs. These are some of the 4.5 million independent representatives who buy and sell his products, creating networks that they call a chain of prosperity, giving them a business of their own and a vision of a better life.

Wrapped up in the adulation, it’s tempting for Eswaran to forget the last time his event was held here, in 2007.

Need to know more, read the full article here!

Here’s the official announcement from QI Group:

Just earlier today, the November 5 issue of Forbes Asia went live on the Forbes website carrying two stories that are close to our hearts, one that spotlights our Executive Chairman Dato Seri Vijay Eswaran and QNET and another one on Taarana.

The main featured story “Selling A Better Life” talks about how Dato Seri Vijay built QNET amidst various challenges. From hopeless circumstances, the odds against him were quite high but he believed in the dictum that your reach must extend beyond your grasp.

The sidebar story “Backing A Pioneering School” features Dato Seri Vijay and the QI Group’s deep involvement in a number of charitable projects through the RYTHM Foundation. He and his wife Datin Seri Umayal Eswaran created Taarana, one of the first schools in Malaysia for children with special learning needs and whose main goal is to empower children and those similarly marginalised with the proper tools, skills and abilities to function and cope with society at large.

We are truly proud of you, Dato Seri Vijay Eswaran!

And, you might want to grab a copy of the November 5 issue of Forbes Asia magazine out tomorrow in 12 countries in Asia!

Race To The Finish Line With The Bonanza Super Deals Extension!

QNET is here to support our beloved IRs and ensure you make it to the finish line in the race to success with the extension of the Bonanza Super Deals!

Extended from now until Friday, 16 November 2012, 23:59 HKST, make the most of super deals on QNET’s best sellers and be a winner!

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Stay In Style With Chief Pathman Senathirajah

Being a network marketer, first impressions and outward appearances are keys to success in the business. Therefore, dressing to impress DOES take you a long way in life. Staying classy and knowing how to present yourself do not only make you look good, but also boost your confidence and give you credibility.

In his latest message to you, The V Managing Director Mr Pathman Senathirajah gives you an easy tip to help boost your style and respectability. His secret? Bernhard H. Mayer® watches. So, all you watch aficionados and those who want to stay in style, don’t miss Mr Pathman’s take on one of QNET’s most loved product line – Bernhard H. Mayer® watches.

Want to stay in style? Grab the right Bernhard H. Mayer® watch at your eStore today.

Source: Stay In Style With Chief Pathman Senathirajah

Tajikistan Leadership Camp with VP David Sharma a success!

Last October 7 – 8, a leadership camp was held and attended by network leaders from Tajikistan where VP David Sharma was the main facilitator. Miss Ashley Williams covered the product training. The Leadership Camp was held with the objective of giving the leaders in Tajikistan the belief that Qnet is truly serious in making Tajikistan a priority market. As leaders, they need to take ownership, behave like entrepreneurs and have the mind set of a winner. The great thing about it was the feedback was excellent! The event was organized by V Leader Saeed Mohammadi and his team.

Stay in touch with In-Voice Double Up, now available at special prices!

Do you have a special someone or regular business associate you need to contact frequently but avoid doing so due to high cost of international calls?

Worry no more! Now it’s all possible with In-Voice Double Up*! Get two In-Voice accounts at better value to share with your loved one or business partner, and make the most of all the In-Voice benefits in this amazing package!

In-Voice Double Up includes two separate In-Voice accounts that allow you to enjoy many features – international call back features, local access feature, internal calls through In-Voice softphone, your personal UK number for In-Voice softphone and more!

And guess what? Starting now until Friday, 16 November 2012, 23:59 HKST, QNET brings you a special offer on In-Voice Double Up!

All the best things in life are even better when you have someone to share them with! Get In-Voice Double Up today by visiting your eStore!


*This product does not include hardware.

The F2 Super Bonanza Perfect Match Boosts Vitality For Mind and Body!

Living the fast-paced city life can take its toll on you and your health so QNET is here to help you boost your mind and body’s vitality with this week’s F2 Super Bonanza Perfect Match with Swiss eLearning Institute Courses in the Qualify eStore and NutriSky® in the Repeat eStore! And you can qualify for the F2 Super Bonanza!

With a wide range of courses offered from Swiss eLearning Institute, which are specially designed to help you improve your business skills and take your career to another level, you can refresh your mind. And enhanced your body’s vitality with NutriSky®, which boosts your stamina and endurance and improves blood circulation!

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Source: The F2 Super Bonanza Perfect Match Boosts Vitality For Mind and Body!

F2 Super Bonanza Perfect Match: The Advanced Water Filtration System With Cartridge

Have you joined the race to success with the F2 Super Bonanza yet?

If not, it’s super easy to join! All you have to do is get qualify, and you can do it easily with today’s Perfect Match: the HomePure 7-Stage Water Filtration System and its filter cartridges!

Certified by NSF International, the HomePure 7-Stage Water Filtration System has a specialised seven -filter media combined into one single filter cartridge giving you and your loved ones only the highest quality drinking water. Visit your Qualify eStore to get yours today!

And get the perfect match for the HomePure 7-Stage Water Filtration System – the filter cartridges – is available in your Repeat eStore! It’s important to change your HomePure’s filter cartridge as advised by your HomePure 7-Stage Water filtration smart indicator to get clean, great tasting water every day!

The best water filtration system for you and your family is waiting for you in the eStore now!

Source: F2 Super Bonanza Perfect Match: The Advanced Water Filtration System With Cartridge! via QNET blog