It’s official: VCon 2012 is on September 5 – 9

You heard that right folks. V-Indonesia 2012 is going to be held on September 5 to 9 at Sentul International Convention Center. That’s FIVE days. Also, if you’ve been updated through our twitter, Facebook fan page and the V-Indonesia 2012 microsite, and noticed our countdown, you can do the math and come up with September 5 as the starting date of V-Indonesia 2012. This is The V’s official announcement, confirmed and final. There’s no turning back, ladies and gentlemen. The green light is on and we’re good to go.

If you haven’t checked it out, here are some VIndo2012 wallpapers on different formats (desktop, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy tab, Blackberry) to sweeten the deal. Check it out

Here’s a sample:

It’s a desktop version, so check out the others!

So visit our microsite every now and then, and keep in touch with us through our comments section (below), our Facebook fan page, and twitter. You can see a preview of our twitter feed and Facebook fan page feed on the sidebar of this blog’s home page.


We’ve seen some pretty cool entries for our “60 Seconds to Fame” short video contest and we’re craving for more. Send your videos to us! Details at the link:


We’re pretty excited to see some more of your 10-minute visions for V Studios’ Short Film Contest. We’ll be releasing a teaser video this week and a sample film next week so hold on to your seats. Details for the contest, by the way, is at the link:


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