V Studios’ short film “Something Beautiful” PLUS a new teaser for VSSFC!

Sometimes, something comes along that’s exciting, new, fresh, and looking good. This time, it’s V Studios’ turn to show us something amazing. This is a challenge to all of our affiliates and IRs, to make ‘something beautiful’ and show us their artistic vision.

Here’s V Studios’ description of their latest creative effort:

Early in 2012, the creative minds of V Communication, V Box, and V Studios gathered for the 2012 Creative Summit and in one of our activities, we produced short films. We scripted, shot, acted, and directed these short films. Today, we will show you one of these films. 
“Have you seen something beautiful today?” That’s the question posed at the beginning of the film, “Something Beautiful”. It examines how one person decides to make her day different by doing ‘something beautiful’. 


A few days ago, V Studios also launched their latest teaser for the V Studios Short Film Contest. Are you ready?

We’re calling all of our creative IRs and even from QNET and The V. Make something beautiful. You can read more about it here.


Isn’t this the longest 60 seconds, ever? Kidding. The “60 Seconds to Fame” contest is still on. Send us your 60-seconds videos! Details at the link https://thevonline.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/your-60-seconds-to-fame/


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