Announcement Roll #1

We’ve had a lot of stuff going on over the past few weeks and one can only follow so much goings-on around The V. So here’s a list of the latest announcements and some events that are still happening.

QINFINITE video downloads

QINFINITE videos in Bahasa Indonesia subtitles are now available for download at Other translations are underway.

VTUBE videos are easier to view

We’ve received a lot of feedback saying it’s difficult to view our videos on VTUBE for those who have a slow internet connection. Our solution: a V Global Youtube channel. You can watch our videos here.

Dato’ Vijay Eswaran’s Thought of the Day is now available to everyone.

In the past, Dato’ Vijay Eswaran’s Thought of the Day (a series of SMS straight from Dato’ Vijay) were only available to handful of people in the world. Now, everyone has a chance to hear from Dato’ Vijay Eswaran straight from his mobile. Read more here. (Or you can follow his tweets at @VjayEswaran.)

Bonvo releases its special ticket offer promo for Universal Studios Singapore.

Read more here.

QINFINITE feedback

QINFINITE is amazing, unbelievable, amazingly unbelievable, or unbelievably amazing. We know. Not exactly verbose or enlightening, don’t you think? You can head on to our blogpost two weeks back, and post on the comments section your thoughts on QINFINITE. Saying it’s “amazing” or “unbelievable” is optional.

Visa Application Assistance

V-Indonesia 2012 is fast approaching, and if you still haven’t arranged your visa, you can sure get into a lot of trouble. Here at The V, we’re willing to help. Go to the following links to know what you could to help fast-track your visa.

V-Indonesia 2012 tickets are now available at the redemption store

Read more here and hurry! Tickets will only last ’til the end of July. Don’t miss it!

V Studios Short Film Contest

The contest is still on! Read more here for more details. We’ve already posted a video that could inspire you and a teaser. We even started a short film tutorial series to help you out.

60 Seconds to Fame

We’re still looking for videos, guys. Just look at our prizes!


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