We’re on Pinterest! (A Guide)

Pinterest is the newest, hottest content sharing service since Tumblr.

Here’s the deal: people use Pinterest to share with other people the things that interest them. Things they like, things they love, things they saw this morning as they were eating breakfast or walking to work. Most of Pinterest’s content is photos, while videos come a close second. What’s wonderful about Pinterest is how fast your posts can spread.

You start with signing up in Pinterest. It’s not the traditional social network sign-up. You request Pinterest to invite you and get your pinboard running. Here’s the catch: it takes time. You have to wait for Pinterest to approve it. How do you fast track it? By asking someone you know who’s already in Pinterest to invite you. Once you get an invite, you click on the link that is e-mailed to you, then your Pinterest account is up and running and you can pin away.

Every post in pinterest is called a “pin”, and we post them on “pinboards”, the Pinterest equivalent of a Facebook wall. You can also invite other people to pin on your pinboards. This is like having a stricter Facebook Wall, where other people need your invite before they can post on it.

Once you get in, you get to choose your interests, and Pinterest lets you follow other Pinterest users who share the same interests as you do, so you can start pinning what they post. You can also upload your own pins: whatever you like. And once people start following your pins (it could be anyone who shares the same interest as you), they would get to pin YOUR pins on THEIR pinboards. Right now, Pinterest is one of the best places to get your content viral. Fast.

Pinterest also lets you put a “Pin It” button on your browser’s bookmarks bar (you have to turn on the bookmarks bar in your browser first, though). So whenever you see a cool photograph or video, all you have to do is click the Pin It button on the bookmarks bar. It then shows you a set of thumbnails with all the images and videos seen in the page. You’ll have to choose which one you’ll have to pin, select it, and a window will appear where you can choose which board in your set of pinboards it will go up on, and a box where you can put in the photo or video’s description.

When you successfully pin something, a prompt appears where you can choose to tweet your pin, post it on your Facebook Wall, or just view it separately. If your Twitter account has access to your Facebook account, you can just tweet your pin and the tweeted pin automatically goes up in your Facebook Wall. This interconnection with other social networking sites lets the content you post spread so fast, depending on the number of followers and contacts you have on all social media platforms. A lot of websites, including blogs, have been catching up on the Pinterest craze. Website contest now feature a Pinterest button beside other share buttons by Facebook, Twitter, digg, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, and others.

Pinterest is now even considered as a viable and effective marketing tool. And who will disagree? It drives traffic to your websites. One of the good things about pinning is you can pin content from your website, and the pin still links back to the website of its origin. And pins are so easy to share.

HubSpot, an “all-in-one marketing software that brings your whole marketing world together in one powerful, integrated system” according to their Pinterest profile, even published an e-book detailing the use of Pinterest for business. You can download it here. It’s a very helpful book, great for businesses out there with an online channel. In this day and age, what business doesn’t have one?

In the context of network marketing, it’s more than helpful. Heck, we even have our own Pinterest account as well, though we’re working on the content. I suggest you go and make a Pinterest account, ask your friends to invite you (You can even ask us! We’d like to help you. You can tweet us about it.) and start pinning away. It’s a hell of a lot of fun, and a pretty creative and effective way of promoting yourself and your interests, and finding like-minded individuals.

Here’s our Pinterest profile. Follow all our boards and let’s share!


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