AVP David Sharma in Unstoppable Saudi Tour

As promised, 2012 has been a year of surprises for Unstoppable Saudi Arabia, starting with the F1 car at the Kingdom Tower, then the first Product Training facilitated by Dr. Shafi and now for the very first time, AVP David Sharma honors Unstoppable Saudi Arabia with his visit to share his seemingly endless knowledge, wisdom and experience.

His tour around the Kingdom was warmly welcomed and accompanied by V Council Sayed Abdullah Al Wedaie and VEL Sabah Bogasmi who toured every region with him starting with Holiday Inn Hotel in Al Khobar, Eastern Region with an attendance of approximately 400 IRs.

After successfully concluding the training in Al Khober, the tour continued to the central region and capital, Al Riyadh, where over 700 IRs eagerly awaited their turn to be enriched with knowledge and learn from our spiritual father.

Last but not least, the tour ended in Jeddah with an attendance of over 1200 IRs.

Unstoppable Saudi Arabia is growing stronger every day. With the highly appreciated support provided by the V, and the vision that VC Abdullah Al Wedaie has  for the Unstoppable, this vision is developing rapidly into a reality. But most importantly Unstoppable has not reached this far were in not for its…




For more details including pictures of this amazing tour, check out the official Unstoppable Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/UnstoppabeQnet

–From the AVP Tour Newsletter


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