Who wants to guest blog and be a V Rockstar? Tell us your story!

A lot of times, we are inspired by people who seem to be out of our reach. People who are larger than life, successful, and charismatic. But once in a while, we look around us and see our peers: they’re as much a well of inspiration as those we usually look up to.

This is your chance to tell us your story. Starting today, we’re looking for your story, which we will feature here on the blog and on our main website every month.

It doesn’t have to be so long. It could be an anecdote of what happened to you in a day. It could be a summarized version of a life-changing event. It could even be a story of someone you know, from your precious point of view. It should be between 600 words and 1200 words. We will be choosing from the submitted entries every month and publish them.

You can send your stories to vcomm@thev.net.

Of course, they will be edited for any typographical or grammatical errors. Wherever you’re from, your story will reach thousands, even millions. It will be translated in various languages and reach more people than you’ve ever hoped for. And like our beloved Dato’ Vijay Eswaran, you could increase your sphere of influence.

So take your time. Write the story you know. Be an inspiration to all, and begin changing the world one story at a time.


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