Short Film Tutorial #3: Casting

Here’s the 3rd short film tutorial from V Studios:


I’m sure most of you are already set to shoot that winning short film. I hope the previous tips on developing a story and taking good shots helped you in deciding what direction your film’s going to take. For the next tip, we will give tips on casting actors. Unless you have decided to create an animated short, we believe that this tutorial will help you.

Most of you are probably wondering how to get people to act on your short film. Casting is important because the cast is going to bring your story to life, drawing out characters and themes that are only suggested in the script.

Tell people that you are creating a short film. Talk to people about the character you envisioned. Give details on physical characteristics (if that’s important to your story) of the actors you are looking for. Tell as many people as possible, you’ll never know who might be interested. In short, making a casting call. Use your social networking sites to find the people you need.

Don’t look too far. As of now, we have shown you two samples of short films we have produced. If you have been to V-Con, you probably recognized some of the faces. You’re right; all actors in the two shorts are V staff. This is to say that your actor can be someone you already know. Your next shining star might be your brother or sister, your parents or grandparents, your neighbor, your colleagues, and probably those people in your name list. Network marketing is about knowing people. Just like prospecting, do not write off anybody just yet.

Invite your prospective actors for a camera test. When dealing with amateur actors, the obvious challenge is shyness and they often act awkward when in front of the camera. Let your potential actors be familiar with the camera. The best actors know where the camera is placed in a scene but they don’t acknowledge its presence.

Availability. Once you find your actors, be flexible and agree on a shooting schedule. You only want those who are serious and are committed to the role. Share them your passion and make the experience worthwhile for them. And have fun!

Next tutorial: editing your film.

Always remember: this is in preparation for making your film. Don’t forget to send your entries to the V Studios Short Film Contest! You can find the details of the contest here. Don’t rest on your laurels for a job a well done. Compete and be seen in the biggest event of the year! The winning entries would be shown in V-Indonesia 2012 from September 5 -9! So don’t miss it!


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