Short Film Tutorial #4: Editing

Here’s Short Film Tutorial #4 by V Studios:


You make sense of all the clips & footage that you have shot through editing. Editing is about organizing your footage to create a whole story. During editing, you figure out ways to fix the problems you had when shooting. And that is no easy feat.

Using non-linear editing software is a skill. So if you know someone who can edit the film for you, seek his service. If you don’t know anyone, you can to do it yourself. You can use any of the editing software that is readily available to you through your computer. There’s iMovie if you’re using an Apple computer or Windows Movie Maker for Windows-based software. There are also editing software available for the iPad, though they cost a few dollars. A good one is Avid Studio which costs USD 4.99.



Windows Movie Maker


Now that you have decided what software to use, you are ready to edit. Here are some tips for editing.

Choose you shots. The moment you sit down to edit your film, you should have an idea of which shots you’ll want to use. Look through everything that you have shot and choose the best ones. Follow your storyboard.

Create a “bin” for each scene. A “bin” is a folder in which you place the shots you think are necessary or effective for each scene of your film. Arranging your shots in bins makes it easier to create the correct sequence of your film.

Create a rough cut. In professional filmmaking, editors first create a rough assembly of the film. This means you put the clips in the timeline according to the correct order they appeared in your storyboard. After you have done this, be objective and critique your rough cut. Improve on it.

Tweak the scenes. Some scenes require minor changes to make them work. Trim shots, use a cutaway, or change shot sequence. Before you can say that you are finished, ask yourself these questions: Is the story clear? Is the structure coherent? Are the scenes effective? Are you satisfied? If you can answer, “yes” to these questions, you’re finished with your film.

If you need more info, there are also various lessons and tips regarding film editing out in the internet.

Do you think you’re ready for the contest? Catch up with us on our next tutorial where we’ll tackle Music or the movie’s soundtrack. Always remember: this is in preparation for making your film. Don’t forget to send your entries to the V Studios Short Film Contest! You can find the details of the contest here. Don’t rest on your laurels for a job a well done. Compete and be seen in the biggest event of the year! The winning entries would be shown in V-Indonesia 2012 from September 5 -9! So don’t miss it!


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