Be part of the QNET Fan Wall at V-Indonesia 2012!

Because we love our fans and we want to honour you, QNET will dedicate an entire WALL at V-Indonesia 2012, just for you!

That’s right. We’re going to decorate a wall with the beautiful faces of our Facebook fans. This wall of awesomeness will stand glorious and remind us of the reasons why QNET is a success: YOU.

Remember that V-Indonesia 2012 is happening on September 5-9.

Want to be on the Wall?

Follow these simple steps. (For the Arabic instructions, please read here.)

1.    “Like” us on Facebook (if you aren’t already a fan) at QNET (Official), QNET Egypt (Official), or QNET Indonesia (Official).

2.    Click on the tab for the QNET V-Indonesia 2012 Fan Wall app. Or just click here to go there directly.

3.    Click JOIN NOW!

4.    Smile and take the best photo of yourself ever!

5.    Send it to us with your name, IR ID and Facebook log-in email. Send it with the subject “QNET V-Indonesia 2012 Fan Wall”.

6.    Read the rules under HOW TO JOIN to be sure your picture meets our requirements:

  • Only photos of YOU – we want to see your face!
  • No copyrighted, offensive or indecent materials.
  • File in JPEG format, minimum 1MB, maximum 2MB.
  • One photo per person – let’s make room for as many fans as we can.

Let’s share the love!

1.    Invite other IRs who aren’t fans yet to join our Facebook page at QNET (Official), QNET Egypt (Official), QNET Indonesia (Official), and The V.
2.    Share this post on Facebook with other IRs to tell them you’ll be on QNET’s Fan Wall.
3.    Tweet this post with the hashtag #QNETFanWall.

What do you think of the QNET V-Indonesia 2012 Fan Wall?


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