Prana Resort and Spa receives 4.5 rating from TripAdvisor


Prana Resort and Spa has just recently been awarded a TripAdvisor  rating of 4.5 (out of 5) by! is a travel website that assists customers in gathering travel information, posting reviews and opinions of travel-related content and engaging in interactive travel forums. TripAdvisor was an early adopter of user-generated content. The website services are free to users, who provide most of the content, and the website is supported by an advertising business model.

Enclosed with the certificate was a message from TripAdvisor for Business President Christine Petersen. Here’s an excerpt from that message:

TripAdvisor has become the world’s largest travel site by recognizing the power of traveler feedback—and today, we’re proud to recognize Prana and Resort Spa for earning exceptional traveler ratings over the past year.

The Certificate of Excellence honors businesses that consistently earn top ratings from TripAdvisor travelers.

With a rating of 4.5, Prana Resort and Spa has earned a place among the very best.

The award, which is given only to the most exceptional performers in TripAdvisor’s global business community, is a significant achievement deserving of recognition from both travelers and staff.

And here’s the certificate itself.

Congratulations to Prana Resort and Spa for a job well done!


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