V Partners 2012 Tour dates [August UPDATE]

Our dear V Partners are travelling around the world just to reach you, our valued IRs! For the entire month of July and August, our esteemed leaders will be conducting trainings, motivational talks, and presentations to various places across the globe. Make sure that you mark the dates when they will visit your country! This opportunity only comes once in a while so you better not miss it!

Check out the schedule below and find out when they are coming to you!

Date Country Speakers Event type
11-Aug-12 Tunisia VC Ibn Abbas NSS
12-Aug-12 Auckland VP Ranjit LMtg
14 & 15 Aug-12 Tahiti VP Ranjit LMtg
20-Aug-12 Vanuatu VP Ranjit NBS
22-Aug-12 Solomon Islands VP Ranjit NBS
24-Aug-12 Brisbane VP Ranjit LMtg

Source: http://www.the-v.net/news/v-partners-tour-2012/7-11-2012/en/


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