QNET loves Syria Promo (17-23 July 2012) [CLOSED]

In The V’s active pursuit of providing our Syrian Leaders with great business opportunities and products, an exciting promo created especially for SYRIA was launched last night. The promo, aptly dubbed QNET loves SYRIA, will officially run from 17 to 23 July covering selected Swiss eLearning Institute, inVoice, BHM, and Qbreaks products.

V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah wants every IR in Syria to benefit from this great business and to get there, he recognizes the fact that The V plays a big role and so he’d like to share this message with all our brothers and sisters in Syria:

“Keep pursuing your dreams. Like what I always say, never let anything or anyone take away your dream from you. Live a better life! Build a better future for your family. The V and I will always be here every step of the way. Just keep switched on to the business and you will succeed.”

For more information about the promo, log on to your VO today!

This promo is only available in Syria.


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