Champions of Burkina Faso

Almost a thousand IRs attended the NSS in Burkina Faso held on 17 July as part of the V Partners Tour 2012. Attended by esteemed leaders VP Sathi, VC Fofana, VC Ibn Abbas, and VC Basil, the NSS held there proved how strong a market Burkina Faso is. The event was also attended by Mr. Bara and his leaders from Senegal, Mr. Patric with some of his leaders from Ivory Coast, and Mr. Assetou with his leaders from Mali Republic.

The distinguished speakers all talked about their humble beginnings in the business. They all testified that indeed, QNET is the business that changes the lives of people. The leaders shared their dreams and aspirations and how they were able to achieve those all because of QNET.

The NSS wrapped up with an excited group of IRs, all looking forward to making serious business in the future and achieving their well-deserved financial freedom.

From The V website



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