The PITCH! Indonesia: Make a Difference and have the chance to win US$10,000! (within Indonesia only)

It’s time to put forward your best pitch to make a difference!

In conjunction with V-Indonesia 2012, QNET proudly brings you a chance to pitch your best idea to make the world, especially Indonesia, a better place! The PITCH! Indonesia is a contest organised by RYTHM Foundation especially for INDONESIAN Independent Representatives (IRs) to propose a social initiative that will make a difference in their local community. The “Pitch” submitted must be in line with RYTHM Foundation’s four pillars and must represent, “Making A Difference”.

The Pillars are: Education, Community Development, Preservation of the Environment, Promotion of Arts & Culture

The winning proposal will be announced at V–Indonesia 2012.

We repeat, the contest is available only within Indonesia. If anyone outside Indonesia wants to join PITCH! Indonesia, please contact an Indonesian NGO. The project you want to pitch also has to be in Indonesia.

For more information, see the e-flyers below:

Here are the Rules and Regulations!

Visit RYTHM Foundation’s website here:


2 thoughts on “The PITCH! Indonesia: Make a Difference and have the chance to win US$10,000! (within Indonesia only)

  1. We have problems in downloading the application form. We are really interested in this contest but that is the problem. At this time we are late as according to the due date (31st, Dec), and so if you could consider this because we really need this amount of money of US$10,000 to help people in our country Kiribati as we do lack of resources to develop the communities in this country. Please let us know if you consider the reason of the lateness mentioned above.

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