Leadership Camp Bangalore, A Success! (with photo gallery)

The Bangalore Leadership Camp last July 27 – 29 was a blast! As part of the V Partners Tour 2012, the Leadership Camp in India was successfully held in Clarks Exotica in Bangalore.

Attended by a huge number of IRs, the two-day event was graced by esteemed V Partners and Leaders namely VP Sathi, VP Balajee, AVP Padma, and AVP Mahendra Kumar. The crowd of almost 200 was all excited as QNET Bangalore launched new Chairos watches for India plan. The launch was facilitated by VP Sathi and QNET CEO Suresh Thimiri. During the launch, CEO Suresh presented VP Sathi his very own Chairos watch.

IRs in Bangalore were very welcoming. Both Leaders and IRs enjoyed accomplishing the processes and other tasks done during the two-day training. The most exciting part of the Leadership Camp was the number of young leaders who attended. There were several young leaders who shared their thought and experiences as the youngsters in the business. Inspired by the leaders, the young ones testified that success in network marketing wouldn’t be possible if it not for the combined support of their teams.

Here are some of the photos of the event; check out the smiles on everybody’s faces. It was a day of learning, fun, and camaradery.

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