GEN KNIGHTS: Nights of Rewards and Recognition (with photo gallery)

From the post-event report:

It was the biggest event ever in Nigeria in QNet under the umbrella of GenKnights (a sub of GenGold) held by a vibrant, growing group of energetic young dreamers  led by a focused, driven, young man known as Ceah.

The event took place in one of the biggest event centres in Lagos, Nigeria, the Welcome Center and Hotel on the 22nd of June 2012. Miss Chloe, the upline of the group, flew in from Malaysia to grace the occasion.

Over 50 people expected from Abuja (the federal capital territory) including VIPs, couldn’t make it to the event in Lagos as all flights were cancelled due to severe weather conditions. It was quite unfortunate that they were all held at the airport. Those held at the Abuja Airports include QNet Agency Representative Hajia Mariam, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Representatives, Senators and Honorables from both Senate and House of Representative.

Despite all these challenges, the event was still proclaimed the biggest network marketing event in the history of network marketing in Nigeria. It was well-attended, with over 500 Independent Representatives and their families. Mr Ceah, being the managing director of the group, launched the group name called “GENKNIGHTS” and a magazine for the group called The Esoptron which will be featuring the progress of the group, testimonies from IR(s), QNET product reviews, prospective events in the group within Nigeria, and more.

Here’s a photo gallery of the event.


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