Exclusive News! NEVER SEEN BEFORE Products To Be Showcased at V-Con 2012!

The wait is almost over! It’s time for the most anticipated event of the year – V-Indonesia 2012!

With V-Indonesia 2012 just around the corner and ready to welcome all our beloved IRs, QNET has a lot of exciting things waiting for you!

You will have the special honour of being the very first to see QNET’s newest, NEVER SEEN BEFORE products at V-Indonesia 2012!

It’s time to take control of your health. Integrating the most cutting-edge science and technology, QNET will introduce a complete brand new weight-management solution to help you look good and feel better. And get ready for the world’s first and only air purifier which combines two advanced and highly-effective purification methods providing you with 99.9% pure air – the newest arrival in Home Care category.

All this and more exclusively for you at VCon!

Get your ticket today to reserve your spot for this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Stay tuned for more exclusive product updates NEXT WEEK!


Source: http://blog.qnet.net/2012/08/exclusive-news-never-seen-before-products-to-be-showcased-at-vcon/


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