Be Your Country’s Official V-Con 2012 Flag Bearer!

The Opening Night Parade of Colours is one of the most breathtaking moments of every V-Convention. And for a select few, it’s about to become a bit more exciting.

Calling all Leaders! You may now nominate two (male and female) countrymen to represent your country and be the flag bearer. Wave the country’s flag with pride, and wear the best national costume at V-Indonesia 2012!

Parade of Colours Mechanics:

  1. Open to all V-Indonesia 2012 registrants.
  2. There will be two (2) representatives from each country, male and female.
  3. The chosen representatives MUST wear REMARKABLE and BEAUTIFUL national costumes.
  4. Bring their country’s flag with a maximum size of 2 feet x 3 feet. (Flags will be surrendered to The V after use)
  5. Submit the following to

        ~ Name/s

       ~ IR Number/s

       ~ Email address/es

       ~ Mobile Number/s

       ~ Photo/s

– This is on a first-come, first-served basis

Deadline for submissions is on 20 Aug 2012, 6pm HKST


  • ONLY those who have already registered for V-Indonesia 2012 will be chosen. Information will be verified by the registration team.
  • You will be sent a confirmation email with further instructions once chosen.

So if you want to represent your country on stage, send the above-mentioned information to VComm and we will contact you at the soonest possible time. Only two representatives will be chosen for the Parade of Colours, but everyone is encouraged to wear their national costumes during V-Indonesia’s Opening Ceremonies.

It’s going to be a spectacular night!!!


3 thoughts on “Be Your Country’s Official V-Con 2012 Flag Bearer!

  1. Dear valued partner, I’m Purnima from Mauritius, HZ852146, i did send you a mail, for the Flag bearer, but didn’t get any reply, hope its ok. thank you.

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