Check out what went down at NSS Tunisia!

Tunisia, August 11—Held at the Maison de Federation Tunis, the Network Seminar Series held there was yet another groundbreaking success.

Graced by esteemed leaders namely VC Ibn Abas, Knights team leader Mr. Nehad, and Pathfinders team leader Mr. Kamal, the NSS was attended by almost 300 enthusiastic IRs all over Tunisia. Mr. Nehad started the event by sharing his experience when he was still starting as an IR in 2004. The successful Pathfinders leader Mr. Kamal talked about dreams and taking considerable action to achieve these dreams. VC Ibn Abas on the other hand generously shared with the audience his modest knowledge in presentation and convincing people to join the business. With V-Indonesia just around the corner, all three leaders emphasized the importance of attending V-Con. For them, it served as a way of meeting other businessmen and women and a chance to thank the brains of this business.

A first in 2012, the NSS in Tunisia was able to unite the various teams present in the country. The seminar was indeed a convergence of skills and know-how that seemed to be a promising factor for the emerging market of Tunisia.


NSS Tunisia was a blast! Take a look at how things went down in the event through this photo gallery.


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