Congratulations V Studios Short Film Contest Winners!

Yes they have been chosen! The jury composed of V Studios and The V staff, including V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah himself, were struck by the level of craft and ingenuity in the submissions. IR filmmakers embraced V-Con themes and presented their story in creative and wonderfully entertaining films.

For its commanding cinematic storytelling and arresting visuals and its message that dreams do come true if we work on them, the First Prize is awarded to Chimera by Bhageerath S of India. Here are the entries that made it to top three!



All of us dream, but unless and until we work on it; it remains just as a ‘wild fantasy’- The Chimera. The film shows a young girl with a simple dream. With determination and a heart unfazed by challenges, she was able to make her dream come true. You can watch the full video above!



Also for recognition are the two finalists who exemplify the range and quality of the films entered. Second place goes to the film, Tainted Glass by Nasib BR and third place to Venu the Flute Player by Swagat Shetty.



It is the story of two ambitious guys losing hope of making it big in network marketing. They learn all the wrong lessons from the bad experiences they encounter and thus end up having a tainted image of the business. All this changed because of a single incident that happens in their life.



Venu is the story of a cantankerous old man, a disheartened little girl, and a tune on a flute that changes their lives. The film is about belief in one’s own abilities and an ability to see life in its greater purpose.


The V Studios Short Film Contest is brought to you by The V and QNet. From all of us, congratulations to the winners and we’ll see you at V-Indonesia 2012!



2 thoughts on “Congratulations V Studios Short Film Contest Winners!

  1. Hi,

    I am Bhageerathi S,my team was selected for the first prize video,We wanted to know about the rewards for the same and how should we proceed to claim for them,especially the V-CON passes?it would have been very much helpful if we got assisstance on the same at the earliest…

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