All About Indonesia #10: Directions to Sentul International Convention Center

Since V-Indonesia 2012 is almost upon us, a lot of you are probably wondering where in blazes you’ll find the venue, especially our attendees who are coming in from different countries.

Sentul International Convention Center (SICC) is located at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman – Sentul in South Jakarta. It lies right next to the toll booth at KM 33 South Sentul, Jalan Tol Jagorawi. If you need more help locating SICC with the help of GPS navigation devices, locate the address “Jalan Sudirman – Sentul’ or point coordinates -6.5591, 106.8482 (longitude latitude). The venue is notable for having hosted concerts for Jamiroquai, Justin Bieber, Kylie Minogue, and Katy Perry.

You can also check out the map at the SICC site:

For those who are coming in from the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK), look for “Soekarna-Hatta (CGK)” on the right sidebar (same webpage), click the link, and you’ll see a map (travel route highlighted) to SICC. Here are commuting directions taken from Google maps. Take note, it’s going to be a long ride.

Map at the link:

There are two ways to go about it. First is to press the “By public transit” button. Google Map will suggest various ways in which you can commute to your destination. Like so:

Look at where the red arrow is pointing

Yep, that’s the “By public transit” button. Below it, you can see the directions that you can take. Below is a sample:

Route 1

Drive/Taxi to Kalideras

Kalideras Stop ID: K3.17


Bus towards Terminal Kampung Rambutan

Terminal Kampung Rambutan


Bus towards Terminal Bogor

Simpang Bogor

Drive/Taxi to Jalan Jenderal Sudirman – Sentul

Now that’s just Route 1. You can play around with the directions like putting in the location of your hotel first, and then the directions from your hotel to the venue.

This is only the first way, which is by public transit. The second is by car (or taxi, if you can pay for the hefty fare). All you need to do is press the “by car” button, like so:

Check out where the red arrow is pointing, man.

Just the same, look at the instructions below that option. It’s a faster way to travel, but probably more expensive. If you don’t want to be late for the opening, you have to be there at September 4, at least.

Lastly, if you’re coming in from a different location altogether, just click on “From Other Locations” (“Dari Lokasi Lain” in Indonesian) and it will redirect you to a Google map page where you can put in your location (point A), click “Get Directions”, and see the highlighted possible travel routes and directions. And if you’re coming from where the above routes pass, you can also use these instructions to go to SICC.

For iPhone and iTouch users, there’s a Jakarta Map app you can download for free at (Unless you want to pay $2.99 for this one Blackberry users, do not fret, there’s also a Jakarta Map app for free at

We hope this will help you get around. See you at V-Indonesia 2012!


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