The V-Con Fever Promo Extended ’til Sept 9, 2012!

A fever is spreading throughout QNET community. It’s a fever that you cannot resist. Not like you’d want to, of course!

QNET is giving you longer time to spread the V-Con FEVER while you get ready for the BEST, the BIGGEST and the BOLDEST V-Con ever. Enjoy the special deals on QNET’s coolest products with the V-Con FEVER Promo extension! As a special gift to celebrate THE event of the year, QNET offers you an extraordinary chance to get your hands on your favourite products.

As always, QNET thrives to give you only the best of the best! So this V-Con FEVER Promo is extended until the last day of V-Indonesia 2012 (Sunday, 9 September 2012, 23:59 HKST).

Help QNET spread this V-Con FEVER and see you at V-Indonesia 2012!



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