Youngsters Get Productive at V-CON

Day 2 of V-Kids and V-Teens kick-started with an inspiring talk by AVP Dev Johl encouraging everyone to just have fun and get as much learning as they can. With yoga for the teens and lots of art activities for the much younger kids, surely the young ones of our dear IRs are having the time of their lives!

AVP K. Padma came and danced a little bit with the V-Teens. V Founding Partner Mr. Joseph Bismark also came with his son to launch a new book, ”River’s Journey”, written by no other than his very own son! Of course, Uncle Pathman came and visited his little bundles of joy bringing with him a surprise! Rico, drummer from Ukraine-based band Atmosphera came and taught the kids how to play the drums.

It was a whole day filled with learning, sharing, and fun! Lots of exciting activities still await the little ones of V-Indonesia 2012 so make sure to log onto The V and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to know more about what’s happening at V-Indonesia 2012!

Source: Productive Day for the Youngsters!


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