Starting early with the V-Teens (with photos)

7 September, SICC—The cool bunch of V-Teens was taken to an early start to making intelligent business.

The youngsters’ day started with motivating discussions about being the future of network marketing. Having high-roller parents and attending huge overseas business conventions like V-Indonesia 2012 has proven to be a solid proof for these kids that success is possible. The teens went through a shopping activity where they had to budget a certain amount to be able to get the things they need for their assigned project. Divided into four groups, the teens were tasked to shop for art materials that they need to produce a masterpiece. The challenge is to come up with a beautiful artwork with the least possible amount spent.

The activity taught the kids the true value of money. It also taught them the importance of working hard, earning big and being able to buy both the things they need and want.

Source: Starting Early


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