V-Indonesia 2012 Day 4: Morning Session Highlights

“Don’t complain, if you have not paid the price” says VMD Pathman Senathirajah who from day 1 said he will be doing the opening remarks from Day 1 to 5.

The morning session started right to the point and it was about paying the price. Chief gave further examples about how many birthdays and special occasions from relatives he has missed because he was traveling around Malaysia expanding his network.

‘I missed my mother’s birthday but, she was the most supportive mother and she understood that I was doing it for her’ Chief added.

Before his talk ended he asked the he asked the audience “how far would you go and what would you do for financial freedom?”

VP Arun George followed up next on stage. As soon as he got on stage VP Arun complimented those who have paid the price and risked a few things to get to V-Indonesia 2012. But, how do we even pay the price if we do not have a dream that’s good enough to work hard for?

He concluded his talk with a saying worthy of a Hallmark card: “Is your dream good enough to fall in love with?”

VFP Joseph Bismark graced the morning session charming the IRs with his wits. He started with a question “Do you see pain and difficulties as a challenge?”

He continued on by expounding on challenges and how challenge is not the problem. We create the problem. “Security makes you comfortable. And comfort will make you lazy”

To cap the morning session, cricket legends and QNET brand ambassadors Muttiah Muralitharan and Tom Moody surprised the audience. They talked about sports and how sports help one to be confidence. No matters which type of a sport we play, sports teach us the ability to will through challenges and that is the quality all IRs need.

Source: Paying The Price [Day 4]


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