QVI Points: How It Will Work [Reblogged from QNET]

You’ve probably been hearing about the QVI Points in recent weeks. Wanna know more about it? Here’s QNET blog’s latest post on the QVI Points:

Did you know you can have a sneak preview of QVI Points by logging in to the product website with the test account (available on the page) here!

So how will QVI Points work?

You will see the QVI Points Privileged Access in your eStore, which you must purchase first before you can enter the QVI Points website. You will then receive an eCertificate in your Virtual Office, as well as a Pre-Activation Letter by email, requesting you to activate your QVI Points in your Virtual Office within 6 months. After activation, you will receive a Welcome Letter with your login details to enter the QVI Points site and start planning your holiday. The Welcome Letter will only be sent once – i.e. on the first time you purchase a QVI Points Privileged Access. You will also receive by email a set of Qupons for a host of holiday discounts and deals that are part of your Privileged Access.

Here is a simple QVI Points shopping flow so you can plan and book your dream holiday with ease:

Got questions about QVI Points? Check out the FAQs here!



QVI Points: How It Will Work


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