VMD Pathman Senathirajah featured in The Star newspaper

Yesterday (September 25), VMD Pathman Senathirajah was featured in the day’s issue of the newspaper The Star in Malaysia! Chief sure is making the rounds in the media, huh? If you missed a copy of the paper, you can read it online here! Here’s an excerpt of the article (the link to the full article follows):

A trainer attempts to clarify the workings of a business that has a ‘bad reputation’.

PATHMAN Senathirajah stumbled upon network marketing when he was just 18. Fresh out of law school, he’d just started work at a law firm in Kuala Lumpur. Senathirajah has always dreamt of being rich and successful and he knew that he wouldn’t achieve that – well, not at lightning speed – with a regular nine-to-five desk job.

So, when he was presented with a business opportunity in network marketing, he decided to give it a go. That was some 20 years ago. Presently, the 37-year-old is a trainer and managing director of V Global, a training, network marketing and development company that has its headquarters in KL but has offices in Canada, the Philippines and India.


You can read the rest of the story here.


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