Shop for your favorite Amezcua products at special prices! (For Indonesia only.)

QNET knows Amezcua products have a special place in the hearts of our Indonesian IRs, that’s why we are pleased to announce an exclusive promo just for you! Enjoy special prices on your favourite Amezcua products now available in the eStore!

The Amezcua product line is specially designed to help you lead a harmonised lifestyle: energise and enhance your drinking water with the Amezcua Bio Disc 2; the Amezcua Chi Pendant combats depleted energy levels; the Amezcua Energy Shell enhances the water you use every day for bathing and washing; and the Amezcua Lifestyle Set is your everyday companion to achieving a harmonised lifestyle!

This amazing offer is on from now (Tuesday, 9 October 2012, 00:01 HKST) until Monday, 22 October 2012, 23:59 HKST. Be sure to make the most of this exclusive offer!

A harmonised lifestyle awaits you!

Visit your eStore and grab your favourite Amezcua products today!


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