F2 World Tour Schedule

Hello world! This is just what you’ve been waiting for: the F2 World Tour schedule. Count down the days before the VPs drop by your area and teach you more about F2!

(TBA means “to be announced”.)

NOTICE: Details are subject to change.

Sl. No. Countries, Cities Dates Remarks
1 Accra, Ghana 21-Oct  
2 Kampala, Uganda* 27-Oct  
3 Nairobi, Kenya 28-Oct  
4 Abidjan, Ivory Coast * 18-Nov  
5 Tunisia* 24-Nov  
6 Burkina Faso* 24-Nov
7 Morocco 25-Nov  
8 Cairo 1, Egypt TBA Cancelled
Cairo 2, Egypt* TBA
Middle East    
9 Dubai, UAE 3-Nov
10 Jordan*  TBA Postponed to January
Central Asia    
11 Almaty, Kazakhstan* 27-Oct  
12 Astana, Kazakhstan* 28-Oct  
13 Dushanbe, Tajikistan 20-Nov
14 Izmir, Turkey* 27-Nov
16 Armenia 15-Dec
Rest of Asia    
17 Delhi, India 27-Oct  
18 Mumbai, India 30-Oct  
19 Bangalore, India 1-Nov  
20 Manila, Philippines* 17-Nov
21 Jakarta, Indonesia* 23-Nov
23 Bali, Indonesia 25-Nov
24 Karachi,Pakistan
25 Lahore,Pakistan 1-Dec
Australia & PNG    
26 Sydney 15-Dec
27 Lae, PNG 16-Nov  
28 Madang, PNG 17-Nov  
29 Port Moresby, PNG 18-Nov  
North America    
30 Canada TBA

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