Read VP Donna Imson’s latest blog post: I’m Alive comes back to Kazakhstan!

Check out VP Donna Imson’s latest blog post! And it bears good news: I’m Alive is coming back this October in Kazakhstan so be on the look out for an announcement on the schedule of the event. Be sure to follow VP Donna Imson’s Facebook fan page or her Twitter page.

Here’s an excerpt of her latest post:

I’m Alive is coming to Kazakhstan this October, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! And for good reason. Working with wonder women and watching them win is a HUGE part of my WHY. And this event, I’m Alive, was specifically created to provide a forum to help make this happen.

As with the other I’m Alive events I’ve done over the years, across Asia and Africa, I’m always thankful for every opportunity to do all I can, share what I’ve learned, pass on all I’ve been given to women who desire to live up to their fabulous best. For in so doing, I learn even more and gain so much more.

Wanna know more? Click here to read the full blog post!

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