Exhilirating end for Tour Du Faso Day 6 (With Photos)

The Day 6 Tour Du Faso came to an exhilarating end when De Groot Wouter from Team Netherlands staged a strong come back to finish to win the race.

Onlookers lined up the finish line 1 hour before the end to get a glimpse of the riders. Despite the weather Wouter held on to the lead.

Sangare Oumar from Team Mali won the QNET cyclist with the best fighting spirit award as he fought his way during the race. This award is given to the cyclist who shows great fighting spirit throughout the race and not necessarily is the winner.

QNET IRs had set up a booth at the finishing point and received tremendous response from people who wanted to know what QNET is all about.

It was a proud day for Burkina Faso fans when local boy Ouedraogo Rasmane from Team Burkina held on to the yellow jersey and won many other awards.

Here are other pictures from the week-long event:


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