Burkina Faso’s Ouedraogo wins Tour Du Faso 2012

Rasmaney from Burkina Faso

OUAGADOUGOU (Burkina Faso), Oct 28, 2012: It was a day of national joy and pride for Burkina Faso when Rasmane Ouedraogo was crowned the Champion of Tour Du Faso 2012.

The local boy achieved this feat after completing a gruelling 1,337.3km over 10 stages under the punishing sun, crossing tough but magnificent landscape in this West African nation.

The 26th edition of the Tour Du Faso, one of Africa’s premier cycling events attracted 15 teams and 70 riders including a team each from Germany, France, Netherlands and Belgium.

Champion Ouedraogo, who took up cycling as a sport in 2002, said he is very happy that QNET has come on board to sponsor the Tour. He attributed his success to determination and hard work. “I spent the last four months in France preparing for the Tour Du Faso with an intensive training program prepared by my coach.

“Since this is the fourth time I am participating in this Tour, I know the level of competition is very high and I was determined to be fully prepared,” he said.

QNET Director of Sports Sponsorships, Mr Joachim Steffen, said he is delighted that a local rider from Burkina Faso won the 2012 edition of Tour Du Faso.

“We share the joy and pride of the people of Burkina Faso today, and I say congratulations to you. It is truly amazing what Ouedraogo has achieved in this very competitive cycling event.

“As a company that prides itself in harnessing the power of sport, QNET is truly proud to be a part of the Tour Du Faso. We look forward to seeing cyclists from Burkina Faso and Africa in general go on to win many more international cycling awards,” he said.

QNET actively engages in sports sponsorships – from motor sports and football, to hockey and badminton – and aims to promote collaboration and giving back to local communities, through its sponsorships.

The company believes their association with the Tour Du Faso will help positively raise the profile of the event, while drawing on the passion, teamwork, drive and success that is associated between sports and its direct selling business, as both are platforms for true excellence and performance.


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