It’s never been this easy: Silver Rush 2012!

Announcement from QNET!

Follow your dreams, reach your goals and make it happen with QNET’s SILVER RUSH Incentive.


From Saturday, 27 October 2012, 00:01HKST, until Friday 23 November 23:59 HKST, become a QNET Silver Star by simply selling or purchasing a product at 1000 BV value!

And you know what reaching Silver Star Rank means: all future Commissions you achieve will increase to 225 USD per Step!

What are you waiting for? Rush to your eStore and reach for Silver, now!

How does it work?

Visit your eStore, buy or sell a product that is of 1000 BV value. And enjoy all the perks of being a new QNET Silver Star!

It’s never been easier.


Terms and Conditions

  1. The Silver Rush Incentive is effective from Saturday, 27 October 2012, 00:01 HKST until Friday, 23 November 2012, 23.59 HKST.
  2. IRs who met the qualifying requirements will be placed under the Silver Star rank and this will be the permanent rank of the IR unless he/she is upgraded to a higher rank.
  3. Participating IRs must meet the qualifying requirements within the specified promo period.
  4. The Incentive Programme is open to IRs who are registered under Qinifinite Compensation Plan, and residents of the countries covered by the promo.
  5. IRs who have not renewed their IRship or have not migrated to the QInfinite Compensation Plan are not allowed to participate in the Incentive Programme.
  6. New IRs must be enrolled and achieve 1000  BVs within the promo period
  7. Existing Bronze Star IRs who have already achieved certain BVs before the promo, must still achieve 1000 BVs of the Incentive Programme within the promo period.
  8. The required 1000 BVs can be achieved and accumulated from either IR’s personal purchase, retail sales, or the combination of both, under one or different order transactions from the Qualify eStore within the promo period.
  9. IRs who met the qualifying requirements will be immediately upgraded to Silver Star rank on the same commission week of the qualification and the corresponding pay-out level of USD225 will take effect on the following commission week.
  10. Qualifying IRs who violate the Policies and Procedures on Duplicate IRship will be disqualified from the promo.
  11. BV achieved from BV transfer from another IR and/or from rectification of retail purchase BV will not be considered/counted in the Incentive Programme.
  12. QNet Ltd reserves the right to the final interpretation of the Incentive criteria, and Terms and Conditions.
  13. QNet Ltd reserves the right to change the Incentive Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

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