F2 World Tour: Uganda

Last October 27, Uganda had a taste of the F2 World Tour first hand…and they loved it!

Held at the Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala, the event was helmed by VP Cherian Mathew, accompanied by VEL Rehema Kalibala; VEL Hajara; VCs Radha, Jivan, Doreen, and Umar, all of whom spoke with him.

VEL Hajara Kasule welcomed the participants, set the agreements and shared her own story. She gave a powerful message on following up and closing unceasingly. She gave herself as a perfect example of someone who signed up because her upline did not give up following up on her.

VC Doreen Katto was the next one to take the floor and then shared her story. Her main message was one must have a mentor and follow them blindly in order to make it in any endeavor. Sharing her personal experience, she implored everyone to find someone who is more experienced than them in the business and follow them blindly and without fail.

Then, VEL Rehema took over as MC and invited the rest of the speakers. It was VC Jeevan who next took to the stage and shared his story. His message was about consistency. He emphasized that whatever he achieved was because he was consistent in doing it everyday.

He was followed by VC Dr Umar. He shared his story and focused on his message, which was about having a dream big enough to compel you to move forward.

He was then followed by VC Radha was next on stage. He shared his story and talked about taking ownership.

Lastly, VP Cherian took the stage and explained the details of the F2 Super Bonanza. He also explained the basics of how to build the business and duplicate your way.

It was a wonderful event. The participants were all very excited and there was a palpable high energy in the air. All the participants even sat until the event closed!

Here are some pictures from the event:


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