The Show Must (and still did) go on in F2 Madang, Papua New Guinea

The F2 World Tour event at Madang Resort, Madang, Papua New Guinea last Saturday, November 17th, still went and was even attended by 350 people, despite AVP Perminderjit being unable to speak at the event because his flight was cancelled. Instead, local leaders Joan Boas, Dominic Naiowe, and Rebecca Namora ran the show.

The crowd was enthusiastic and participative, and asked the following question:

–          Can you show us how to cash our own commissions paid in cash rather than e-cards?

–          Can you teach us how to do do, rather than other people doing it for us?

–          How can you help those of us who have problems with our tracking centres?

The speaker’s reply, well the gist of it, were this:

–          Get plugged into the system, attend our meetings, and we will show you.

–          Attend our local meetings and we will teach you how to do it yourself.

–          See the person who processed your application.


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