VP Donna, AVP Asha dominate F2 World Tour Ivory Coast


The F2 World Tour was a complete success with over 1700 attendees! Held at Foundation du Yamousoukro, Yamousoukro, Ivory Coast, last November 18, the event was headlined by VP Donna Imson, along with co-speakers AVP Asha and VC Fofana. Also present were QNET IC Agent Dr. Solo, QNET Office Manager Mr. Clement, and Mr. Bado, BDE-in-charge.

Dr Ouattara, the MC, opened the event by describing what The V is and does.  She then introduced VC Fofana as a top leader in Ivory Coast, who brought this opportunity to the country to help others change their lives. She also talked about the importance of F2.

VC Fofana took to the stage and talked about dreams and actions. Without dreams and actions this business could not go so far in connecting with F2, he said, as the most important act in this business is to always find your 2. He also shared his journey since he joined this business and how long it took him to find his 2. He concluded by inviting AVP Asha on the stage.

AVP Asha shared what her life was like before and after joining Qnet to motivate the audience. She concluded by introducing VP Donna to the audience, whose first time it was to facilitate an event in Ivory Coast  She talked about how this business changed her life for the better, and concluded her speech by motivating the participants into finding 2 every month.

Overall, the crowd were very excited and charged up by the speakers, especially VP Donna and AVP Asha who were able to touch the crowd highly.

On 19/11/12, from 7pm to 10pm, VP Donna had a meeting with 34 Wave 15 Ambassadors in Qnet agency Abdjan, where she focused on leadership skills and motivated them to be the path finders for their down lines.

On 20/11/12, 7pm to 10pm, VP Donna met with the top 150 Ivory Coast leaders in Bellcote Hotel and discussed with them the strategy of F2, and how to approach new people with this business.  AVP Asha also shared her experience in how to get close to people and bring them to this opportunity.

On 21/11/12, from 7pm to 10pm, VP Donna met with the Ivory Coast market ladies in Bellcote hotel as well, with more than 2000 ladies joining the event where she elaborated how ladies can take care of their families by doing the business the right way. She also shared her experience as a mother of 3 children and how she managed this business to become a VP. AVP Asha also shared her experience as a mother of 2 children. Overall this event was well prepared and for sure we should expect more than before from Ivory Coast.

Below are some photos from the event.



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