Yerevan and Sydney, prepare for the F2 World Tour experience this Dec. 15!

This is it! The last F2 events will be held on December 15 at Yerevan, Armenia and Sydney, Australia. Here are the details:

For F2 Armenia…

Title of Event: F2 World Tour : Armenia
City / Country: Yerevan, Armenia
Event Date: 15th December 2012
Ticket Cost: 10 USD

Contact person:

Mobile Phone:

E-mail Address:

VP Sathi

Ms. Elvira

+777 5505 0276  / +374 9900 1221 (local number)

And for F2 Sydney…

Title of Event: F2 World Tour : Sydney / F2 Leaders Training
City / Country: Sydney, Australia
Event Date (F2): 15th December 2012
Event Date (Leaders Training): 16th December 2012
Event Time: F2 WT – 5:00 PM – 11:00 PMF2 LT – 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Venue: Mounties : A101 Meadows Road  Mount Pritchard NSW 2170
Ticket Cost (F2): 15 USD for F2 Event
Ticket Cost (Leaders Training):


25 USD for both Event’s

(15 USD for Sydney F2 WT & 10 USD for Sydney LT)

Speaker(s): VP Ranjit
 Contact person:  Andy (+61421932990)

See you there!


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