LAP and VLCP in India This 2013

Start the year right!

This 2013, The V opens its doors to IRs who are interested in taking their IRship a notch higher. With the Leadership Advancement Program and V Leaders Certification Program, IRs are given the opportunity to improve themselves and take a bigger leap in the ladder of success.

The V believes that hard work and loyalty to the company are of utmost importance for an IR to succeed in the business.  Growth and enrichment of every IR is one of the many objectives of the company in order to continuously improve their skills and achieve bigger triumphs.

If you’re an IR with big dreams and solid goals in life, below are the details on LAP and VLCP that you must know:

The Leadership Advancement Program (LAP) is a technical training for all leaders who wish to gain more knowledge about the products, policies and procedures of the company. This is an excellent opportunity to gain mastery of our products and become a more effective, knowledgeable, and reliable leader. Successful completion of the LAP is a prerequisite for admittance into the V Leaders Certification Program. A fee of INR 1,655 is required to attend this program.

The V Leaders Certification Program (VLCP) aims to train and assess the leadership potential and ability of the V Leaders through training sessions and examinations. If one is successful, he or she is automatically drafted into the V-ELITE LEADERS pool, an exclusive group eligible for nomination into the V Council. A fee of INR 3,310 is required to attend this program.

In order to join the VLCP, one must:

1)        have attended the Leadership Achievement Program
2)        have been in the business for at least 1.5 years or 18 months,
3)        have attended Major V Events (VCon & ReVcon),
4)        have been a facilitator for minor events (NSS or own group training),
5)        must be recommended by a V Ambassador, BDM/E, and/or IMD, and
6)        must be earning at least INR 661,440 a year before tax (gross)

IMPORTANT: These events are on a “first-come first-served” basis.  Interested participants may pre-register by downloading the registration form here. Only CASH will be accepted as payment on-site.

Event Fee Date Location Contact Person
Leadership Advancement Program (LAP)And INR 1,655


21 February 2013  Mumbai (venue TBA) Abie Pana
VLCP@the-v.netMuheeb Khan

Jagan Mohan

V Leaders Certification Program (VLCP) INR 3,310 22 February 2013

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Please click here to download the registration form.

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