VTube+ Video: What did you learn from V-Con 2012? – K Padma

k padma

In this video, AVP K Padma recounts her experience from the first V-Con in Goa, India in 2001. She says that ever since that V-Con she has decided to remain excited, to dream big, and to achieve more. Click the following link or the image above to go to the video: http://upline.the-v.net/vtube/video?Id=0_dlvsstvs

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V-Indonesia 2012 Day 3 Afternoon Session: Great stories from great people

To begin the afternoon session several amazing products were introduced to our IRs. It was a privilege to have Mr. Ian Lyons and Ashley Williams to do the presentation for the Chi Pendant 2, Bio Light and Energy Shell 2. Our dear IRs was all in awe with these remarkable products from QNET.

Right after the product presentation, our well-loved Chief Pathman made his way to the V-Con stage to encourage everyone to continue touching lives and making a difference by joining The Pitch project. Through the The Pitch you can help the community of your choice and receive 10,000 USD.

Afterwards, Mr. Manuel Llaser, a very talented, clever, and energetic magician, took over the stage. His magic tricks were impressive and his great sense of humor made everyone burst into laughter.

Next up was VP Adly who reminded everyone that challenges are just around the corner but these should not stop you from dreaming and believing. “You are the magic formula when you start changing everything”. Just like all of us, VP Adly was also faced with challenges before getting to the top. But he used this challenges to fuel him to do better “nothing in this planet can stop me to go further” he said. To end his talk, VP Adly left our IRs an advice that he also believe in “with every crisis comes great opportunity. Just like the old saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

The beautiful AVP K. Padma went on stage also that afternoon. She is a great example to everyone in the arena that if you will to achieve something and put your heart to it, nothing is impossible. When she started the business she has a vision “my goal is only one thing, financial freedom” “focus is our strength” she added. As a proof that she made it big in this network marketing industry was their home which is a palace. She also invited her son on stage to share to everyone how Network Marketing helped their whole family be where they are today.

Soon after, our formidable V Partner TG Kintanar went on the V-Con stage. He was a proof that this business does not only give you financial freedom but also the liberty of time. VP TG is a family man gifted with two adorable kids. He invited his family on stage while he shares how this business lets him enjoy life with his family. Through network marketing, he is able to provide the things his family wants and needs and most of all he gets to spend more time with his family.

All this, is a proof of the beauty of the network marketing business.

Source: Great stories from great people