VTube+ Video: What did you learn from V-Con 2012? – K Padma

k padma

In this video, AVP K Padma recounts her experience from the first V-Con in Goa, India in 2001. She says that ever since that V-Con she has decided to remain excited, to dream big, and to achieve more. Click the following link or the image above to go to the video: http://upline.the-v.net/vtube/video?Id=0_dlvsstvs

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What did you learn from V-Con 2012? – Balajee Kumar [VIDEO]

Balajee Kumar_video

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AVP Balajee Kumar shares his learning in V-Indonesia 2012. He vows to keep it simple, go back to basics, find the right people, find 2, and ensure the success of his network.

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Source: http://upline.the-v.net/vtube/video?Id=0_ropw9nlc

Overcome all odds: F2 World Tour – Port Moresby

At the F2 event in Hideaway Hotel, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea last November 18th, the main concern was how people could do business without a lot of training and tech savvy (much more the technology itself).

Speaking at the event, AVP Perminderjit Singh answered the question with resourcefulness. One just needs a pen and paper to show the plan. To sign up, one can call on a different person (in his words, to “identify a kid in the family who knows how to operate a computer to help with registrations”) to operate. It just takes a willing heart for someone to learn the business.

The event was filled with excitement, energy, fun, and laughter. AVP Perm excelled at making the crowd comfortable and entertained. This empowered, inspired, and motivated the crowd, even the InService Team had a great experience.

Take a look at the pictures of the event below.

Groundbreaking V-Indonesia 2012 Day 1

On 5 September The V opened its doors and welcomed all participants to the much awaited and grandest event of the year!

Long before the ribbon-cutting at 2pm, people from different parts of the globe have already gathered around the Sentul International Convention Center as early as 8 in the morning.  Loud drums and cheers could be heard from all parts of the arena. Colorful flags and costumes filled the area.

The fun continues as our IRs made their way inside the arena. House rules were given by Chief Pathman to ensure that all participants will have a memorable and safe V-Con experience. The evening was made more special for all our brothers and sisters as the gala night begins. A wonderful Dance of a Thousand Hands presentation took their breath away. To continue the hype, our amazing V Partners Sathi, Arun and Adly together with AVPs Cherian, Ferdie and Dev took the stage by storm. All six V Ambassadors really knows how to have fun with all our energetic IRs present in the arena.

And since we want nothing but the best for our dear IRs, we made sure that we will have the best people on stage. That evening, all our V Partners shared the beautiful V-Con stage together with no less than our V Founding Partner Joseph Bismark and V Managing Partner Dato’ Vijay Eswaran.

What is a beautiful way to end an awesome day?  A very moving question and answer session with our very own Dato’ Vijay who shared his wisdom to all our IRs. His thoughts and words gave our IRs a better view on network marketing and life in general. This talk brought some of our participants into tears.

In the coming days, we have greater things in stored just for you! Welcome home!

Source: Groundbreaking V-Indonesia 2012 Day 1

Youngsters Get Productive at V-CON

Day 2 of V-Kids and V-Teens kick-started with an inspiring talk by AVP Dev Johl encouraging everyone to just have fun and get as much learning as they can. With yoga for the teens and lots of art activities for the much younger kids, surely the young ones of our dear IRs are having the time of their lives!

AVP K. Padma came and danced a little bit with the V-Teens. V Founding Partner Mr. Joseph Bismark also came with his son to launch a new book, ”River’s Journey”, written by no other than his very own son! Of course, Uncle Pathman came and visited his little bundles of joy bringing with him a surprise! Rico, drummer from Ukraine-based band Atmosphera came and taught the kids how to play the drums.

It was a whole day filled with learning, sharing, and fun! Lots of exciting activities still await the little ones of V-Indonesia 2012 so make sure to log onto The V and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to know more about what’s happening at V-Indonesia 2012!

Source: Productive Day for the Youngsters!

NSS in Yereven!

As part of the highly-anticipated V Partners Tour 2012, AVP Dev Johl will be visiting Yerevan in Armenia to conduct a Network Seminar Series for our valued IRs! AVP Dev together with VC Mustafa Ince is coming this July for a series of groundbreaking speeches and trainings.

Check out the schedule below and find out when the V Partners are coming to you!

Source: http://www.the-v.net/news/coming-soon-nss-in-yereven/7-19-2012/en/

25 July
2 P.M. Onwards (T.B.C.)
NSS in Yereven with AVP Dev Johl Best Western Congress Hotel, Yerevan, Armenia (T.B.C.) Ms. Elvira
+ 777 5505 0276
USD 10