F2 World Tour Bali: AVP Mohan shares how he dealt with rejection


The F2 World Tour in Bali, Indonesia, was held at Nikki Hotel, Mutiara Ballroom, last November 25th with over 500 participants. Speaking at the event were AVP Hendra Nilam, VC Kariana, and AVP Mohan  Chidabaram, who headlined the event. (Also present were VC Henry Tio.)

The crowd was in full spirit even before the event started. The majority of the crowd are from the two biggest teams from Bali, Best Global Team and Galaxy Team.

The highlight of the event was when AVP Mohan shared his experience as he started networking. He was rejected by family members and even close friends, and his invitation for them to attend his business presentation was turned down, none of his family members or even close friends turned up. That didn’t faze him as he pulled himself up and proved to them that he can succeed in the business.

Below are photos from the event.


Watch out, we’ve got FOUR F2 events around the world this weekend!

We’ve got a lot of F2 events happening around the world this weekend! If you’re in any of these areas, make sure you include these F2 events in your schedule!

F2 World Tour – Tunisia

Venue: Hannibal Plenary Room, Medina Mediterranea, Rue Medina, Yasmine Hammamet, 8057 , Tunisia

Date: 24th November 2012

Ticket price: 10 USD

Speaker: AVP Kalai

For more details, you can contact Jayakanth Nagalinggam on his mobile phone (+6 012 209 5452) or via his email address at jayakanth@the-v.net

F2 World Tour – Morocco 

Venue: Palais Des Ambassadeurs, Casablanca, Morocco

Date: 25th November 2012

Ticket price: 10 USD

Speaker: AVP Kalai

For more details, you can contact Jayakanth Nagalinggam on his mobile phone (+6 012 209 5452) or via his email address at jayakanth@the-v.net

F2 World Tour – Burkina Faso

Venue: SIAO Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Date: 24th November 2012

Time: 3pm – 8pm

Ticket price: 20 USD

Speaker: VP Donna Imson

Attending: AVP Asha

For more details, you can contact Bado Fisouali on his mobile phone (+225 0355 1939) or via his email address at bado.fisouali@the-v.net.

F2 World Tour – Bali 

Venue: Hotel Nikki, Bali, Indonesia

Date and Time: 25th November 2012, 5pm – 10pm

Ticket price: 5 USD

Speaker: AVP Hendra Nilam

Attended by: AVP Mohan

For more details, you can contact Zulkifli Abdullah through his mobile phone (+6 2878 8374 7824) or via his email address at zulkifli.abdullah@the-v.net.

F2 World Tour Jakarta and Bali scheduled this weekend

This coming Friday and Sunday, the F2 World Tour drops by Jakarta and Bali, respectively. For Jakarta, it happens on November 23 at Balai Kartini, Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kay. 37, Jakarta 12950. The event is from 6pm to 11pm, with a ticket price of USD 5 or IDR 50,000. Speaking at the event will be  AVP Hendra Nilam and AVP Perminder Singh.

UPDATE: The F2 Jakarta ticket can also be purchased at the Qnet office. You can contact Mr Zul for it at +6287883747824. Ticket price is IDR50,000.

The Sunday event will be held on November 25 at Hotel Nikki, Jl. Gatot Subroto IV No. 18, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, from 5pm to 10pm (door closes at 5:30pm). The ticket price will be USD 5/IDR 50,000. Speaking at the event will be AVP Hendra Nilam and AVP Mohan Chidambaram.

See you there!

In Photos: Memories of V-CON – Bali 2001

Can you recognize the people below? 🙂

Were you there? Tell us your experience of the event!

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