Samsun, Turkey welcomes VP David on Raise The Bar Higher Tour


On February 17, Samsun City welcomed VP David on his Raise The Bar Higher Tour in Turkey. These young warriors will start their fight for financial freedom the way the great visionary Ataturk started his fight in this city for the whole of Turkey!


Kocaeli, Turkey Raises The Bar Higher with VP David


On February 16, Kocaeli, Turkey raised the bar higher together with VP David and 250 young entrepreneurs.

Seckin Kalkaoglu talked about his journey, fears, rejections, giving up, looking forward, beliefs, efforts, and comfort zone. VC Mustafa spoke about sacrificing, excuses, sense of responsibility, reason of success, never accepting that he reached the best, and learning.

Raise The Bar Higher Tour in Turkey with VP David Sharma!

David Sharma_2

There will be a Raise The Bar Higher Tour in Turkey with VP David Sharma on the following venues and dates below.


Doors open 10:00 am – 18:00 pm
Contact No: Seckin Kalkanoglu:+9 0507 760 34 12

Doors open 10:00 am – 18:00 pm

Contact No: Goksel Colgecen : +9 0551 709 38 19

Doors open 10:00 am – 18:00 pm

Contact No: Mert Kultur : +9 0507 707 63 53

Doors open 10:00 am – 18:00 pm

Contact no: Ali Can Ertan : +9 0546 464 60 26


The F2/I’m Alive combo in Kazakhstan wins over the crowd! (UPDATE)

Kazakhstan was, as usual, amazing!

Both the I’m Alive & F2 events in Almaty & Astana were held as one combined event: Dvorec Studentov, Almaty on October 27, and  Dovrec Nezavisimosti, Astana on October 28. VP Donna was the main speaker, supported by VC Saidamir & VP David Sharma.

The focus of both events was in taking ownership, establishing clear intent, and for women to learn to balance career and family. In F2, it was emphasized why an IR should never stop finding 2, how one of this 2 could be their Donna or Pathman.

The energy levels were sky high with such a large crowd. Both venues were just oozing with awesome. The feedback was excellente and VP David is just praying to see sales increase. VP Donna, on the other hand, really won over the hearts of the IRs. Many even mistook her as a Kazak.

Both VP Donna & VP David spent time with the In Service teams and leaders. To conclude, the events were a great boost to Kazakhstan as this was first visit by the QI director to the country.


Tajikistan Leadership Camp with VP David Sharma a success!

Last October 7 – 8, a leadership camp was held and attended by network leaders from Tajikistan where VP David Sharma was the main facilitator. Miss Ashley Williams covered the product training. The Leadership Camp was held with the objective of giving the leaders in Tajikistan the belief that Qnet is truly serious in making Tajikistan a priority market. As leaders, they need to take ownership, behave like entrepreneurs and have the mind set of a winner. The great thing about it was the feedback was excellent! The event was organized by V Leader Saeed Mohammadi and his team.

Kazakhstan F2 Tour with VP David Sharma (Update)

Newly-appointed V Partner David K Sharma toured Kazakhstan to bring the great news on F2. The cities included are Astana, Kostanay, Pavlodar, Aktobe, Shymkent and Almaty. In each city, we had 500 IRs attend the F2 events which are open for all groups. If you were in any of the trainings he conducted there, post your comments/reviews here.

VP David Sharma in Kazakhstan for F2 Super Bonanza trainings! [UPDATE]

Get ready Kazakhstan! V Partner David Sharma will be conducting a training in Kazakhstan in line with the ongoing F2 Super Bonanza. His schedule is as follows:


17 October, WEDNESDAY, at Shymkent.

Training starts at 5PM sharp, (Kazakh time)


Please contact BDE Elvira at +77755050276


18 October, Thursday, Shymkent


Venue: SHYMKENT CIRCUS in Shymkent, Kazakhstan


VP David will be traveling to a few other cities which we will be announced very soon. For more information, please contact Business Development Exec. Elvira at +77755050276 or VP David Sharma at +7775494981.

See you there and don’t miss the excitement of F2!

Source: V Partner David Sharma in Kazakhstan!