The F2/I’m Alive combo in Kazakhstan wins over the crowd! (UPDATE)

Kazakhstan was, as usual, amazing!

Both the I’m Alive & F2 events in Almaty & Astana were held as one combined event: Dvorec Studentov, Almaty on October 27, and  Dovrec Nezavisimosti, Astana on October 28. VP Donna was the main speaker, supported by VC Saidamir & VP David Sharma.

The focus of both events was in taking ownership, establishing clear intent, and for women to learn to balance career and family. In F2, it was emphasized why an IR should never stop finding 2, how one of this 2 could be their Donna or Pathman.

The energy levels were sky high with such a large crowd. Both venues were just oozing with awesome. The feedback was excellente and VP David is just praying to see sales increase. VP Donna, on the other hand, really won over the hearts of the IRs. Many even mistook her as a Kazak.

Both VP Donna & VP David spent time with the In Service teams and leaders. To conclude, the events were a great boost to Kazakhstan as this was first visit by the QI director to the country.



Read VP Donna Imson’s latest blog post: I’m Alive comes back to Kazakhstan!

Check out VP Donna Imson’s latest blog post! And it bears good news: I’m Alive is coming back this October in Kazakhstan so be on the look out for an announcement on the schedule of the event. Be sure to follow VP Donna Imson’s Facebook fan page or her Twitter page.

Here’s an excerpt of her latest post:

I’m Alive is coming to Kazakhstan this October, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! And for good reason. Working with wonder women and watching them win is a HUGE part of my WHY. And this event, I’m Alive, was specifically created to provide a forum to help make this happen.

As with the other I’m Alive events I’ve done over the years, across Asia and Africa, I’m always thankful for every opportunity to do all I can, share what I’ve learned, pass on all I’ve been given to women who desire to live up to their fabulous best. For in so doing, I learn even more and gain so much more.

Wanna know more? Click here to read the full blog post!

Women Empowerment in “Have the Courage to Be Yourself” at Ankara, Turkey

Ladies! Were you there when “Have the Courage to Be Yourself” happened in Ankara, Turkey last July 15? Here are some photos and a report of what happened!

From the post-event report of “Have the Courage to Be Yourself”:


Following the footprints of “I’m Alive” with VP Donna Imson, “Have the Courage to Be Yourself” aims to empower and encourage women in terms of achieving financial freedom. Five hundred women from all over Turkey gathered in the capital of Turkey, Ankara.  The event was organized with 25 female in-service leaders under the leadership of VL Sara Baheri Rad. Before the event, the core in-service group made a camp with Sara Baheri Rad for one week in Ankara.

Graced by VC Sabah Buqasmi, “Have the Courage to Be Yourself” started with a fantastic crowd all eager to a whole day of learning and motivation. The women filled the hall to the brim, almost bursting at the seams. The event began with a speech about the impacts and benefits of Third Wave and Network Marketing Industry on women.

Then, Mr. İbrahim Akça from QNet Promotion went on the floor and talked about the future of QNet Promotion.  There was also an IR as a guest in the event, the team captain of National Female Ice-Hockey Team, Sinem Doğu. She spoke about her challenges in her sports career.  The participants got so excited by her story.

But mostly, the venue was full of emotions when VC Sabah came up on the stage and made a speech on her journey in QNet.  The crowd was so amazed by her experience and her story that they did not let VC Sabah leave at the end of the meeting. Later on, the big crowd connected with VP Donna Imson on the phone just to let her know there are 500 women alive in there. During the phone call, they all opened a big flag of Turkey and 500 women made a promise to make Turkey the best market. Sara Baheri Rad made a commitment to make the next event with 1000 women.  And then, the crowd heard VP Donna Imson’s tears of happiness.

In the event, the final speech belonged to Sara Baheri Rad. She gave presents to some networkers, who are strong examples in the business.  And, she invited two mothers on the stage to thank them by presenting flowers.  At the end of her motivational speech, VC Sabah and the in-service group took the stage and read ‘Have the Courage to Be Yourself Manifest 2012’, and everyone in the venue promised to have the courage to be themselves.   The women of “Have the Courage to Be Yourself” cried, laughed so hard, danced, celebrated their femininity, shared very precious moments all day long, and decided to achieve financial freedom.

ISB Bootcamp 8, I’m Alive, and more!

The ISB Bootcamp 8 in Bali, Indonesia is happening right now until July 9. Don’t miss our updates on Twitter, Facebook, and our ISB website. To all our ISB participants, we hope you’re having the time of your lives!


In case you missed yesterday’s announcement, I’m Alive with Donna Imsonwill happen in Istanbul, Turkey this Sunday—that’s in two days’ time! It will be set on 12nn – 6pm (local time in Turkey) at the Point Taxim Hotel, Topcu Caddesi No 2, Taksim, Istanbul, Turkey. The event is strictly FOR WOMEN only.  For details, please contact Elena at +905303305808. Spread the word and let’s give VP Donna a very warm welcome in Istanbul!


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I’m Alive with Donna Imson in Turkey!


BREAKING NEWS!!! I’M ALIVE with our beloved V Partner MS. DONNA IMSON is happening in Istanbul, Turkey on the 30th of June, 12pm – 6pm (local time in Turkey) at the Point Taxim Hotel, Topcu Caddesi No 2, Taksim, Istanbul, Turkey. The event is strictly FOR WOMEN only.

For details, please contact Elena at +905303305808. Spread the word and let’s give VP Donna a very warm welcome in Istanbul!