QNET featured on 21st Century Business tonight on Fox Business (North America)

21st Century Business is an award-winning targeted business show that provides its viewers the chance to find solutions to today’s problems from some of the top business leaders from all over the world.

Our company, QNET was featured on the said show. Isn’t that amazing? Watch the video below:

21st Century Business will also air today, 10th January 2012 on Fox Business (North America) at 11:30pm PST.


VTUBE+ and VShoppe, now at your fingertips!

This is innovation at its finest!

Last December 31st, The V launched its latest project, Virtual Upline which consists of VTube+ and Vshoppe. VTube+ is the new and improved version of VTube. This isn’t just a site where you can see videos straight from The V, now you can be part of it, too! For the first time in network marketing history, we will have a video streaming website dedicated to the network marketing community. You can watch our videos here PLUS watch videos made by other people in the network, too. You can also upload your own videos so you can be seen and heard from across the globe PLUS you can earn points that you can use to redeem various content, benefits, advantages, and more! With VShoppe, you’re new online source for shopping with us, you’ll be able to shop and redeem products online!

This is another tool for you to bridge the great divide between people, countries, continents, and the vast oceans. Explore VTube+, discover amazing videos, browse thousands of channels and connect with millions of people around the world. To learn more, please check our FAQ Page. Register now, start uploading videos or watching them, earn points, and dive into this new experience in the network marketing world.

It all starts here.

V Studios launches its brand new website!

If you’re talking about motion pictures (or simply, movies) V Studios has everything that will suit your needs. V Studios has just recently launched their brand spanking new website! Watch the works of V Studios and find out what they do best. Find out how to get in touch with the experts so they can help you make your next masterpiece.

Make sure to visit V Studios website today!

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Source: V Studios New Website

QNET donates to House of Babies orphanage in Kyrgyzstan

QNET, through the QNET Pays Forward program, recently made an important donation back in June 1 in the form of a seven-seat minivan to the “House of Babies” orphanage in Osh, Kyrgyzstan (a city in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan which was badly affected by ethnic conflict in 2010). The van is an important means of transportation to quickly and conveniently get sick children to the nearest hospital for medical treatment. The hospital is located in the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek, which is 300 kilometres away and getting the sick kids there has always been a challenge.  The minivan is vital for the Osh orphange because it allows access to treatment for 154 children, of which 67 are physically disabled or suffering from AIDS.

QNET representative Bernhard H. Mayer handed over the keys of the van to the Osh House of Babies administrators while he talked to the Kyrgyz media about QNET’s dedication to this cause. The event was also joined by QNET Independent Representatives, who also talked about the company’s values and beliefs.

Below, you can find links to the extensive media coverage on QNET’s donation by some of the major TV channels in Kyrgyzstan. (The videos are in their local dialect. There are currently no translations for the videos. If anybody can provide them, please post them on the comments section below, or put subtitles on the videos via YouTube.)

EL TV Channel Video


Osh TV Channel Video


“When we asked them what they needed, they said currently they have to rely on taxis or the bus service to ferry sick children to the Bishkek hospital,” Mr Mayer said.

“The 300-kilometre journey is very inconvenient, especially when sick children have to travel there regularly for follow-up treatments. As a means of transport is desperately needed, we decided to donate this minivan,” he added.

For more coverage in Russian and Kazakh, check out these websites: