VP Ferdie and Core Leaders from WiN Philippines meet with VMD Pathman


It was a big bonus and a great day last January 22 for Worthy International Network Philippines (WiN Philippines!) Core Leaders of VP Ferdie Tolentino to meet and strategize with our beloved Chief Pathman Senathirajah at the QNET and The V Philippines office. Chief powerfully emphasized to RAISE THE BAR HIGHER in 2013! Go go go WiN Philippines!


F2 World Tour Burkina Faso: Don’t be chickens, fly like eagles


VP Donna Imson and AVP Asha Krishnan continued their tour together in Burkina Faso. Held at SIAO Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso last 24 November 2012, the event gathered 1498 excited and enthusiastic attendees.

Speaking at the event were VP Donna and AVP Asha, with Mr Abdul Bonkongou and Mr Eloi as the MC and translator. Also present at the event were Mr Jean Luc from Ivory Coast, Mr Souleyment (agent), Mr Aristide (agency manager), and Mr Bado (BDE in charge).

First up was Mr Eloi’s introduction of Mr Abdul Bonkongou as a top leader of Burkina Faso who brought this opportunity to his country to help others change their lives. He shared his experience since he started the business and talked about Find 2. He also talked about the importance of dreams and acting upon them, so one should have his mind set if he/she chooses to go with the business. He finished by inviting AVP Asha on the stage.

AVP Asha motivated the audience by telling them about her journey since she joined the business. After her 1-hour speech, she invited VP Donna on the stage.

VP Donna shared her experience before and after she joined the business and talked about F2. She then focused on the main concern that the audience always have: fear of taking a risk. She merely advised them to be eagles instead of chickens and ended her speech by telling each of attendees to find their 2 every month.

On 23/11/12, 7pm to 10pm, VP Donna met with the top 300 Burkina Faso leaders in Palace Hotel and discussed with them the strategy of F2, and how they can approach new people with this business.  AVP Asha also shared her experience in how to get close to people and bring them to this opportunity

On 25/11/12, from 7pm to 10pm, VP Donna met with the Burkina Faso market women in Palace hotel as well as more than 500 attendees where she elaborated how women can take care of their families while doing the business the right way. She also shared her experience as a mother of 3 and how she manages this business to become a VP. AVP Asha also shared her experience as a mother of 2.