Under one roof: NSS in Casablanca


Over 1100 passionate Moroccan IRs gathered under one roof on 10th of February 2013 for the most waited and successful NSS in Casablanca.

The event started at 11am with the testimony of the local leader Dr Bahia Alaoui who talked about her belief in this business and how the trainings conducted by THE V have contributed a lot to her success. She also talked about the new laws in Morocco that encourage Network Marketing and eCommerce.

AVP Ahmed Abdelwahab spoke of the importance of dreams and how these can help us rise above the negativity given off by people who cannot see the value of the business.

And then came VP Donna Imson who was warmly welcomed on the stage by the crowd as the first V Partner to be on a Moroccan stage. She talked about her tough beginnings which did not stop her from going after her dreams. She continued and persevered simply because “she wanted to be an Eagle”, she wanted to fly and achieve all her dreams, even the wildest kind.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151460851647962.511820.79005412961&type=1


Watch out, we’ve got FOUR F2 events around the world this weekend!

We’ve got a lot of F2 events happening around the world this weekend! If you’re in any of these areas, make sure you include these F2 events in your schedule!

F2 World Tour – Tunisia

Venue: Hannibal Plenary Room, Medina Mediterranea, Rue Medina, Yasmine Hammamet, 8057 , Tunisia

Date: 24th November 2012

Ticket price: 10 USD

Speaker: AVP Kalai

For more details, you can contact Jayakanth Nagalinggam on his mobile phone (+6 012 209 5452) or via his email address at jayakanth@the-v.net

F2 World Tour – Morocco 

Venue: Palais Des Ambassadeurs, Casablanca, Morocco

Date: 25th November 2012

Ticket price: 10 USD

Speaker: AVP Kalai

For more details, you can contact Jayakanth Nagalinggam on his mobile phone (+6 012 209 5452) or via his email address at jayakanth@the-v.net

F2 World Tour – Burkina Faso

Venue: SIAO Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Date: 24th November 2012

Time: 3pm – 8pm

Ticket price: 20 USD

Speaker: VP Donna Imson

Attending: AVP Asha

For more details, you can contact Bado Fisouali on his mobile phone (+225 0355 1939) or via his email address at bado.fisouali@the-v.net.

F2 World Tour – Bali 

Venue: Hotel Nikki, Bali, Indonesia

Date and Time: 25th November 2012, 5pm – 10pm

Ticket price: 5 USD

Speaker: AVP Hendra Nilam

Attended by: AVP Mohan

For more details, you can contact Zulkifli Abdullah through his mobile phone (+6 2878 8374 7824) or via his email address at zulkifli.abdullah@the-v.net.

F2 World Tour Kenya: Be a Warrior

The “F2 World Tour: Kenya” program was held at the Nairobi Serena Hotel on 28th October, 2012.

VC Bakary Kante directed a message to Kenyans to take the leadership position they exhibit in the businesses world outside of it and apply it to the rest of the world.  He drew the two extremes between himself, a holder of two doctorates, and the position he holds in his career, against the minimum formal education his up line and mentor in the business has.  Despite his position, he has found the need to “shut up and listen” to one he could never come close to in his career and education background.  He urged the IRs to break away from poverty by leaving laziness behind, by taking this business opportunity to its haves and the have-nots.

VC Pauline Kithuka, a power house in motivations, started off with the message that we need to hold these “business vehicles” of Qnet with the highest respect they deserve.

AVP Asha Krishnan brought the house down when she shared an emotional memory lane of her early days before she had a breakthrough.  She told the story of how she used to work and work from morning to late nights.  There is a price to freedom and also a cost in delays.  Delays rob us of our independence.  We live in times of political independence, but unless we fight and strive for our personal independence, we remain colonized, this time, not by foreign forces but by ourselves.  To become truly free, we need to become and behave like warriors. We need to decide to either be wimps or warriors. She challenged the  IRs to decide, what they want to be from this moment on.

VP Cherian Mathew drew the IRs attention to the 17 days left to maximize on the Bonanza.  With the Bonanza or not, the 1st and most important mental positioning required for success in any field is decision-making.  He pointed out that 90% of us have not yet made a decision to be and do QNET.  The reason being we often take time and make many decisions which we do not stick to. He pointed out that there is no right or wrong decision.  Whatever the decision, it’s our responsibility to make that decision right for us based on the activities we do.  He maintained that for success to be a reality in anyone’s life, there is a need for a daily reminder of the decisions we have taken.

He further stressed that a wimp’s focus is always on the negatives: things, situations, hardships and other people not being good enough, a complainer.  A warrior sees every setback as an opportunity, a stepping stone towards success, always focused on finding best solutions to resolve issues. There has to be consistency in the activities we do after making the decision. There cannot be consistency without focus.  Qnet in itself is not success, it is a vehicle, but the decision to become successful is a personal decision.

Finding your 2 constantly is a recipe for success in Qnet. Finding your 2 and helping your two find theirs and so on is not a major thing if and when a decision has been made. Strong resolutions have to be made to not be swayed in every which direction by keeping decisions alive and paying the price.