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F2 World Tour electrifies Bangalore

The atmosphere in the hall was electrified, with about  1300+ IRs, some sitting, some standing, some sitting on carpet of the Hall, to see, hear, and learn from our successful masters in the networking business. Held at the Nimhans Convention Centre, Bangalore last November 1st, the F2 World Tour: Bangalore was attended by VMD Pathman Senathirajah,VP Arun George, AVP K. Padma, AVP Balaji Kumar, AVP Mahendra Kumar, AVP Sivan Nair, VC Dhanalakshmi Vijayakumar, VC Gopinath, VC Ranjith Ravi, VC Praveen Ganeonkar, VC Shyamala, VC Dev Wadhwani, VC Sajan Zacharias, and VC Niamathulla. Also in attendance were QNET MD JR Mayer, Qi Lifestyle MD Joachim Steffen, and QNET India CEO Suresh Thimiri.

The main speakers for the event were VMD Pathman Senathirajah, AVP Padma, AVP Balaji Kumar, and AVP Mahendra Kumar.

V Business Development Manager Vinthi Indrajah gave a welcome speech and brought AVP Balaji on stage. AVP Balaji addressed the IRs about the networking business which brought him to the level he is now. Afterwards, he called on AVP Padma, in which her powerful feminine speech brought all female leaders to their feet roaring, shouting, and clapping as she was talking about her experience with QNet. AVP Mahendra Kumar talked next and finished with his memorable story of how he became financially free.

Next, Qnet MD JR Mayer took the stage and launched the Chairos Watch. Afterwards, the crowd rose and stood up as VMD Pathman Senathirajah appeared on stage, with the crowd jumping and screaming. This went on for some time before the Chief asked them to stop. He joked about the Bangalore roads having gone from bad to worse due to continuous raining in the area. Then he became serious and started about the business. He talked about how important F2 is right now, which not only allowed the IRs to grow, but also helped IRs grow faster and get better weekly cheques.

The day’s event concluded at 9.30 pm and a lot of IRs from different teams were already asking when the Chief is visiting Bangalore next. It seems Bangalore needs the Chief very often hereafter as IRs from throughout South had come to Bangalore for this event.

As a side note, VP Arun George celebrated his birthday last November 2! Aside from the F2 Bangalore pictures, you can find some photos below of how VP Arun celebrated his birthday with his V Family.

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QNET announces sponsorship of Tour Du Faso

October 19, 2012: Global direct selling company, QNET, said today it is excited to be a partner of Tour Du Faso, the 10-day annual cycling event in Burkina Faso. The sponsorship signifies its commitment to sports in the African continent.

QNET Director of Sports Sponsorships, Mr Joachim Steffen, said he is extremely pleased to work with the Burkina Cycling Federation to support this Tour.

“As a company, we pride ourselves with our portfolio of sponsorships and value the manner which sport acts as a tool to bring communities together. We are thrilled to be associated with this Tour and look forward to a successful race. We wish all the cyclists a safe and enjoyable competition,” he said.

QNET Regional Director for Africa, Mr Krishna Kumar, added that he was pleased at the company’s strong support for such a magnificent event as the Tour Du Faso.

“Cycling is a tough and enduring sport. It reflects QNET’s innate ability to persevere to the end as we aim for success. We hope the people across Burkina Faso and the surrounding region will turn out in full force to watch the race, cheer on the teams and enjoy the evening concerts,” he said.

The Tour Du Faso was first staged in 1987 and has since prospered, becoming an integral part of the Burkina Faso calendar. This year’s race takes place from October 19 to 28. It will flag-off and end in Ouagadougou.

QNET actively engages in sports sponsorships – from motorsports and football, to hockey and badminton – and aims to promote collaboration and giving back to local communities, through its sponsorships. The company believes their association with the Tour Du Faso will help positively raise the profile of the event, while drawing on the passion, teamwork, drive and success that can be associated between sports and its business in direct sales since both are platforms for true excellence and performance.

In this 26th edition, the Tour Du Faso will make its way through 10 stages, crossing some of the magnificent landscape of this West African nation.  The total distance covered by the cyclists is a staggering 1,337.3km over 10 days.

QNET will be present at each stage of the race, supporting the cyclists. In the evenings, it will sponsor concerts in every location along the race route, where the organisers expect to see between 10,000 to 30,000 attendees each night.