Master Your Business English Skills With Swiss eLearning Institute!

Swiss eLearning Institute brings you an exciting opportunity to improve your skills, grow your business and achieve ultimate success with the Business English Level 7 – 12 Courses now available in your Repeat eStore!

English is the most widely spoken language globally and it is recognised as an international standard of business communication. As a professional networker, English communication is central to your day-to-day business operations and vital to your long-term success. This is your chance to master your Business English skills!


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Master Your Business English Skills With Swiss eLearning Institute!


The F2 Super Bonanza Perfect Match: the Force Ultimate Watch and Online Library!

It’s time to charge your life with energy and education with this week’s F2 Super Bonanza Perfect Match – improve your energy levels with the Force Ultimate Watch and learn more with your Swiss eLearning Institute Online Library access (3 month subscription)!

Available in your Qualify eStore, the Force Ultimate Watch from Bernhard H. Mayer® offers the charm of contemporary design and exudes ultimate masculinity. The built-in energy crystal possesses positive energy forms helping you improve and harmonise energy levels!

And the Online Library (3 month subscription) from Swiss eLearning Institute is an incredible source of business-related information containing over 500 eBooks, videos, MP3s, MP4s, journals, etc. accessible from the comfort of your own home and it’s available in your Repeat eStore!

Rush to your eStore and get qualified for the F2 Super Bonanza today!

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A New Experience Coming Your Way: aspIRe 13 Goes Digital!

Prepare yourself for a whole new way to enjoy your favourite magazine… aspIRe. Take your reading pleasures to a new level with the aspIRe digital edition in the QNET Tools App, which will be even BETTER, COOLER, and FRESHER than ever before!

Here are some of the reasons why you will enjoy the new aspIRe digital version:

1.    It’s INTERACTIVE. Touch, swipe, listen and watch your favourite articles come to life!
2.    It’s HIP. Show your friends, prospects, business partners the latest happenings at QNET in the trendiest way possible… through your iPad or your Android tablet.
3.    It’s ECO-FRIENDLY. What better way is there to help the world than by reducing the use of paper and going digital?

And the best reason of all… It’s QNET!

Can’t wait? Here’s a sneak peak of the aspIRe Issue 13’s Table of Contents. Download the QNET Tools App today to stay up-to-date!

Source: A New Experience Coming Your Way: aspIRe 13 Goes Digital!

Your Business Tools Go Digital!

Here’s a little surprise to lighten up your day – now your business tools have gone digital! QNET has just launched the latest QNET Business Planner, QNET Product Portfolio and QNET Company Profile in the QNET Tools App, available for download on iTunes AppStore for iPad or Google Play for Android tablets.

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A Sweet Treat Before V-Indonesia 2012 from The Swiss eLearning Institute! [CLOSED]

Activate your purchased courses and get USD 20 CASHBACK!

The Swiss eLearning Institute is back with a sweet little treat for your pocket, right before the fervent countdown to V-Indonesia 2012! We know you are as ecstatic as we are, as V-Con Fever fires up, and to add even further to all the excitement we have a little bonus gift for you to enjoy! Activate your purchased Swiss eLearning Institute courses since V-Con 2011 last year up until now, and get USD 20 CASHBACK, just because we like to treat you!

Smile! And be quick! This extra bonus treat is only being offered for Swiss eLearning Institute courses found in the Qualify eStore. So hurry to activate, as you have time from now until Friday, 31 August 2012, 23:59 HKST!

Select a course that best meets your needs and suits your interest. Swiss eLearning Institute has many various courses to offer – Presentation and Communication Skills, Career Design, Marketing, The Art of Management – Winning Concepts and Strategies, Mini MBA*, eCommerce, Performance Management and Entrepreneurship – all courses are specially designed to give you the right tools and knowledge to improve your business and career.

Enjoy this treat and hope to see you at V-Con! For more information, visit

*Disclaimer: This is not an academic course, Mini MBA is a basis of teaching the concepts of an MBA. No academic degrees will be given for this course.


Dato Vijay Eswaran’s “In The Sphere Of Silence” now on Kindle e-book store!

In the Sphere of Silence has been a source of motivation and guidance to many of us over the years, since Dato’ Vijay Eswaran first launched it in 2004. Since then, the book has taken on a life of its own and has been translated into multiple languages – German, Dutch, Bahasa Indonesia, Farsi and Arabic as well as soon to be released translations – Bahasa Malaysia, French and Russian. Numerous people have written in to Dato’ Vijay thanking him for the book and how timely it was for them: how it helped them take stock of their lifes and how the practice of the Sphere of Silence has completely transformed them as individuals.

Now, we’ve taken your favorite SoS, as it is popularly known, to a whole new level to make it easily accessible to a wider audience: the digitally connected generation hooked to smartphones, tablets and e-readers!

So, if you have an Amazon Kindle e-reader or a Kindle reading app on your iPad or Android tablet, you can now buy In the Sphere of Silence e-book from the Kindle e-book store.

Just login to your e-reader and search for ‘In the Sphere of Silence’ or ‘Vijay Eswaran’ in the Kindle store and you can download the entire e-book in just a few seconds for only $6.99!

For iPad Users : Download the app here.*
For Android Users : Download the app here.

*Availability of the app differs from country to country. Please check your app store for availability.


Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak with our VPs

Look who our V Partners just met in Jakarta! It’s Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, with QNET MD JR MAYER and VMD Pathman Senathirajah. What a great meeting of great minds! We here at The V just made a collective “WHOA”.

Here’s Steve Wozniak (right) in his early days. Do you recognize the guy on the left? Your guess is as good as mine. It’s Steve Jobs.

Wozniak wasn’t just an Apple co-founder, he’s also quite the celebrity, appearing in the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory and Dancing With The Stars. Isn’t that amazing?