What’s your take on QINFINITE? (And other things)

This will be a quick post.

ImageQINFINITE is a fairly recent addition to the many ways you can earn in QNET, and the people who grow under this new compensation plan are also growing in numbers. To ask the question to our IRs: how has your life been after joining QINFINITE? What can you say about the new compensation plan? Give us your testimonial about QINFINITE and we’ll select 20 testimonials that we will feature in the next issue of our official magazine, Voyager, which will come out on the day V-Indonesia 2012 starts.

You can just type in your testimonial at the comments section below and a link to your recent photograph (be it in Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else in internet). Just be sure it’s a decent photo, okay? (Be sure that we can also see your face. Haha.)

Remember: tell us your experience with QINFINITE, link your photo, and you get published. It’s that simple. Keep ’em coming!


The 60 Seconds to Fame is still on. If you haven’t heard of this exciting new contest, you can read everything about it in our previous post. Jump to the link https://thevonline.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/your-60-seconds-to-fame/.

Just remember, shoot a 1-minute video, send it to us, and if you qualify, you win the following prizes:

  • Dinner with V Managing Partner Dato’ Vijay Eswaran, V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah, and other V Partners.
  • Winners will get to perform on stage during breaks at V-Indo 2012
  • V-Con 2013 passes.

We hope to see you soon!



Your 60 seconds to fame

V-Indonesia 2012 is 98 days away, and in those days, we’ve got a lot in store for you. Now THIS is one of them: a contest to film the best 60 seconds of your life. It’s a contest with real prizes, don’t worry. Here’s a poster:


The video can be about somebody dancing, singing, jumping, or doing basically anything that would be entertaining. The video can be individually made or as a group but should not exceed more than 4 individuals in a group. In the end there will be three winning videos chosen.

Send in your video by posting it on The V’s official Facebook page from May until July 20. The top 10 finalists will be chosen and announced on July 30. The top 10 finalists will then have two weeks to prepare a more impressive 60 second video to be submitted on August 10. Only three winners will be chosen from the top 10 and who knows, it could be your video.

And as promised, here are the prizes:

  • Dinner with V Managing Partner Dato’ Vijay Eswaran, V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah, and other V Partners.
  • Winners will get to perform on stage during breaks at V-Indo 2012
  • V-Con 2013 passes.

Here are some video format requirements:

  • Mobile phone videos are acceptable as long as long as it’s above 3GPP. HD videos are welcome.
  • 60 seconds ONLY
  • Rated ‘G’
  • Edited or unedited if it suits your taste

BUT there are limitations such as:

  • No profanity
  • No obscenities
  • No religious and political inclinations
  • No meat-eating

So you’ve finally wrapped your video masterpiece and all you need to do is upload them on The V Facebook page. But uploading there takes a thousand forevers doesn’t it?

There are other ways of how you can show us your videos. You can send them to vcomm@the-v.net (we hope the uploading goes fine) or upload them to your youtube channel/account and send the link to us. No pranks, please. Or if you can, you can come in person to our office and give us the cd or dvd of your video. Or you could mail it to us, and if it comes to us just in time for the deadline, it will be in the selection of videos.

60 seconds is all we need. Can you do it? You better get cracking. Shoot those videos and send them to us!

Word of Mouth

You’re probably wondering, why “The Vine”?

Just to be clear, this has no relation to any religion whatsoever. It started out when I was thinking of a blogname. What would be a name that fits the blog? I was probably busy chewing my breakfast when I thought of the the expression “I heard it on the vine” (or “grapevine”) when one passes along a message to another. We know that an important part of network marketing is seeing each other face to face and personal recommendation because it adds to our credibility. We can sum this up in three words: word of mouth.

I figured that the foundation of network marketing is in people telling each other stories and putting their reputation at stake in service of the reliability of these stories. It is perhaps the most credible form of advertising, because recommending something doesn’t ask for something in return, but is rather built on the story teller’s enthusiasm and good experience with the thing he or she is recommending.

No matter how many thousands of years lie behind us, the oral tradition of story telling is still shaping our lives and the cultural terrain. We all know that seeing face to face is one of the most vital aspects of the business, because no other interaction can cement our presence (and inspiration) further than personal conversation. But the social landscape is changing and there’s a wide gap between the social interactions of today and the social interactions of 10 to 15 years ago. The Internet is our New World and the rules are new, or vague, or malleable. It is allowing us to do things that we can’t a decade or two ago and it is letting us do it very efficiently.

With the birth of this blog, we are taking advantage of the strengths of social media, and integrating all of our social networking sites together and create an efficient engine of communication between all of us here in The V, QNET, our affiliates, and the vast community under our wing.


I found this when I came in to work this morning.


Here’s a closer look:

ImageIt’s three months away, and depending on how you look it at, it’s either near or far. But we’re serious about getting ready and getting into the spirit and excitement of the upcoming V Con.

Here’s a link to the V-Indonesia 2012 microsite: http://v-indonesia2012.the-v.net/. It’s an amazing looking site with cool features, news, and promos for V-Indonesia 2012. Head on to the site, we’ve got cool stuff for you. (There’s a neat counter counting down the time to the second before V-Indonesia 2012.)


That’s it for now. See you on the next update! Tell your friends that you heard (or read) it first from The Vine.

Welcome to the Vine

Today is the first day this blog goes live so welcome aboard! What we’re gonna do here is be closer and be a little bit looser than The V’s other websites in order to be more connected with our affiliates and readers. This is our way of expanding our social media coverage, and we’ve already connected with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (even Stumbleupon, so we’d have some fun things to post on our Pinterest page) to widen our reach. This is so we could share more of what’s happening day in and day out in The V and QNet events.

You’ll see more of us in the following websites:

This is our main website:        




Facebook pages:              

The V fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/TheV.fanpage

VTUBE: https://www.facebook.com/thevtube

Voyager magazine: https://www.facebook.com/voyager.magazine

Uncle Pathman: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Uncle-Pathman/122567054494366

V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah: https://www.facebook.com/pages/V-Managing-Director-Pathman-Senathirajah/148009655843

Video page:      






Just follow us for more updates!


And on to business. Today is also going to be the start of the countdown before the V-Indonesia 2012 event at Sentul International Convention Center. We’re down to 100 days, people, and we’ve got a lot to look forward to. (This is how SICC looks like, by the way, and it. Is. Gorgeous. http://www.sicc-ina.com/) Head on to the QNET blog for more info on the event, details at the link http://blog.qnet.net/tag/v-indonesia-2012/. For those who have just discovered that this is totally happening on September, here’s a poster of the event:


Here at The V office in Manila, the presence of V-Indonesia 2012 looms and makes itself even more felt.



Got your tickets? Tickets are fast running out. If not, jump to the link for the latest details on ticket rates. http://blog.qnet.net/2012/01/new-registration-rate-for-v-indonesia-2012/.


So that’s it for now. Stay tuned and keep us bookmarked! If you have a Google reader account, subscribe to our blog. Or watch out for tweets and status updates (on Facebook) linking back to the blog. We’ve got a lot of stuff coming our way in the next few months aside from the V-Indonesia 2012, like QNet’s 14th Anniversary! 14 years, people. It’s been that long.

PS: If you wanna tweet about anything related to V-Indonesia, put the hashtag #VIndo2012 and let your fellow networkers in on the fun.